Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Wee Bit Scarey!

Happy Thursday---wow its almost weekend time again!  Time sure flies when you’re busy and sick LOL!  I’m slowly starting to come out of the fog that is sinus & ear infection induced thankfully…sore throat is gone too.  Isn’t it funny how when you are sick life STILL goes on…I find it so funny…hmmmm.  My son is home sick with a bad sinus infection which flared his asthma, so no school for 2 days and no football practice.  And he hasn’t moved off the couch in those 2 days…nada…not one time.  And I’m all for recuperating don’t get me wrong…but…..come on!  I’ve asked him to check the website for his homework and get it printed out, read what he needs to for classes tomorrow…he’s in high school not a baby anymore…and I just had to YELL for him to get it done before dinner or my blood is pumpin' oy I tell ya!  AND I had to throw down a mini-Suzanne temper tantrum last night too at hubby.  You know when you get pushed to a certain point?  When you just don’t feel good and you are so tired you can barely see?  And then someone does that ONE dumb thing or says that ONE DUMB thing….and you lose it?  Yeahhhhh….that was me last night LOL!  It doesn’t happen often but when it does everyone scatters…including all 7 animals..I can be frightfully scary!!!  Well I’ve been sick yes?  But I still managed to take care of animals, clean the house, clean toilets, vacuum, do laundry, run errands, grocery shop and make sure kids were good to go, make dinner and STILL do all my work stuff….while having a sinus infection, double ear infection AND strep throat. UGH!  So last night after dinner I had asked the hubster to bring down the dirty hamper from our closet…the one that is IN OUR CLOSET.  He goes up and does something and comes down w/o it…I’m like WTH?  So he snidely remarks (he says he didn’t but Alexa is my witness that YES he did) “uhhhhhhhh ok I’ll go get it in a MINUTE”…ummmm what tone did you just take with me mister?  Then I COMPLETELY LOST IT….STARTED YELLING ABOUT HOW I WORK 24 HRS A DAY DOING MY JOB AND EVERYTHING ELSE EVEN WHILE SICK AND HOW HE GETS TO COME HOME FROM WORK, EAT DINNER AND DO NOTHING?  Yeah…NO!  And this isn’t to say he doesn’t help me cuz he does but NOT as much as I think he should 80% of the time KWIM.  So after my tantrum I go and finish some work I had left…come down stairs and find that he brought the gosh-darned WRONG hamper down…it had clean clothes in it and it was near my chair in my bedroom…NOT in the closet like I had said.  I mean seriously he can’t see that the hamper has folded clothes in it that are ready to be put away…do you FOLD your dirty clothes before washing them?  ARGHHHHHHHH NO!  So I calmly say ummm you brought the wrong hamper down, that one needs to go back upstairs and please bring the ONE FROM THE CLOSET THIS TIME!  So guess what?  Yeah the hamper never did come down… what does Suzanne do?  I dumped it out on his side of the bed this morning after he left….took everything out that wasn’t his or he hadn’t used and put it in the hamper and took it downstairs myself.  His dirty stuff remains on his side of the bed…cuz guess what….yep its not getting washed this week…sorry I’m TOO BUSY!  Now why does he bring hamper…because I can’t carry the hampers up and down the stairs well w/o having issues with my muscles.  So I wash, dry, fold and put away and he carries the hampers up & down…pretty sweet deal I think…I want that deal KWIM?  How much FREAKIN’ easier can I make it?  Sooooo anyhow I’m not too pleased with him today that’s for sure….but I shall NOT do his laundry…so that makes me feel a bit better and I will continue on with my day Smile 

So if anyone can relate…you’re feelin’ me right now yes?  Wanna vent….leave me a comment….I will vent with you…cuz sometimes you gotta let the steam out or your head will just EXPLODE…trust me its healthier LMAO!  (PS…You know I love my hubby, he’s a great man and father, but he ain’t NO saint that’s for sure and he has days where I think I may just smother him in his sleep LMBO)


-So next weekend I will be in Stafford Springs, CT teaching my CMC Copic Classes on Sat & Sun including the All About Hair Class.  I have a few openings so if you’d like to come, I’d love to have you…all details are at

-SCACD—has a TON of new goodies!  First there are NEW Paper Pads from Farmhouse that are to diiiiiie for and others for the fall and winter holidays too, so check them all out!  New Memory Box dies are in (ohhhh I need some bad) and Make It Crafty Rubber Stamps that are so fab and cute you won’t want to miss out!  Also NEW Impression Obsession!  And no worries I want it all too hahahahaha!


Wee Bit Scarey!!

So to celebrate my scary self from last night I’m gonna share a fun Halloween card with you today LOL!  I love Halloween…always have…I love to see the kids dress up and trick or treat.  My kids are older now so they aren’t as “cute” in their costumes but its still fun.  We love to go to the Pumpkin Patch every year, it’s a tradition and we always do at least one corn maze.  This year we’ll do the 10 pm corn maze again with the teens and their friends…that’s always fun…minus the chilly weather LOL!  I’m also a HUGE fan of decorating the house…I love it…we go all out most years and set off the fog machine, creepy graveyard and fun sounds to creep it up good!

So my good friend Susana owner of SCACD challenged me to use this new stamp set by My Minds Eye called “Lost & Found Halloween” and I HAD to use the skeleton in it.  She “thought” it would be a challengefor me  but she forgot that I LOVE creepy Halloween stuff hee hee…and once I saw the papers I knew I’d go with a 50/50 mix of creepy and elegance for this one.  And it was a fun card to create too!

I'm entering this into the following fun challenges:

So the papers I used are a mix of two—Carta Bella’s “All Hallow’s Eve” and MME “Lost & Found Halloween”I used my Zutter Distress machine to distress all my paper edges and a fun CB embossing folder for the kraft cardstock layer that I then inked a bit.  The fun accent is from a NEW SCACD Die called “Alice’s Clock Statement Corner”….it works as a corner die BUT I turned it around and used it as an accent because to me it  can also create a creepy, torn lace look that adds just what I wanted to this card. (always try looking at your dies in different ways to make them versatile)  The sentiment is from the same set…I just used half of the sentiment at the bottom of my card.  The image itself was stamped in Vintage Cream Palette Ink from PTI and then once dry I highlited the skeleton with some Stickles to make it sparkle just a bit.  A few pearls finish it off!

That’s it for me today--see you back here on Saturday with a new project!  I’m off to take Alexa to her driver’s test, hit Michaels for supplies for the High School football game tomorrow (the fans are doing a NEON-OUT so everyone has to wear something neon…oy) and then come back and fix some homemade Guacamole and chicken enchiladas for dinner….the dayeth NEVER endeth eh? LOL!  Have a good one!


  1. I think you work too hard. But then I don't work at all, so any work to me is too much. LOL! ;^)
    Yes, I have come unglued with my hubby from time to time. But we've been married for 42 years now, so somehow we've managed to get through those bumps. Sometimes, you just gotta blow off steam!
    Love the card--the skeleton is way cute! Love the combo of distressed and elegant, too.
    Hugs, Penny
    P.S. Glad you are better. Hope the infections go away quickly!

  2. Fab card Suzanne. I think you can make a great card out of anything! I am with you on not doing your DH laundry. I usually wash all the laundry and my hubby folds but while we had company he wouldn't fold the clothes so I folded mine and left his all wadded up in the laundry basket. It's all still there a week later.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling me I STOP when I am sick, NOTHING gets done LOL! Don't know how you keep going while sick but you seem to get as much done when you are sick as you do when you are well. I swear you are the most determined person I have ever known! LOVE the card!
    the PaperTemptress

  4. ROFLLLLLL!!! Omg that is so funny. I want to hear if he sneaks down with the dirties and quietly washes them his own self... I think that would be the wisest move!

    I'm sorry you're feeling punky - I hope you feel better soon, but you might need to actually sleep to do that. :)


  5. It is called "Learned Helplessness" - if they screw up the errand over and over or just don't do it, they know WE WILL... UNLESS you do what you did, and dump those clothes! Laughed too because those of us married for awhile have been there, too... We are the glue for our families, we DO do it all, all the time! Sometimes you just got to set them all straight and a good ole' temper tantrum can be the best cure!! Hang in there.. and I am sure hubby will NOT forget the hamper this time! Love your card, Halloween is my favorite too! xxx Ann Marie

  6. WAY TO GO!! Suzanne, I feel you. Sometimes you have to go ballistic to put them in check. I hope you feel better soon and that you get some much needed help so you can chill out a bit.

  7. I know what you mean about working and laundry. I work my butt off especially this week I working on a special 50th b-day party with 50 guests attending and I'm doing all the food, decorating, co ordinating and whatever and at the same time getting 100 wedding invites and response cards and envelopes stamped for a wedding gift for our niece. I always mow the lawn and do the yard work too. This week, hubby mowed the lawn and cooked a dinner on Saturday, because he WANTED to and then he bragged about it and the next day held it against me cause I didn't get it done. GRRRRR -

    OK vent done

    Now on to your card. Totally and absolutely Awesome. Love the print behind the skeleton, and the stickles on that the die is so very kewl and the way you used it genius. Papers were the perfect choice for this card too. OK, guess you figured out I really like it. Better end this book now. lol.

    Woot! Woot! for Halloweeeeeeeen

    I was like that the other day, and I was told,"Looks like those hormones came to visit!"
    Don't get me started!! I think they ALL go to the same school, to learn these stupid human tricks!
    This is my favorite!
    The husband will stand in the kitchen and say, "I think the dog has to go outside"
    Oh Dear Lord, Please give me the strength, not to kill him right now, it will be difficult to hide the body parts!!! LOL

    I'd have to paper punch him to pieces and wrap him in ribbon!

    So glad to hear I am not alone
    Lily(the dog) & I just walk away!

    Copics+paper= Sanity


    WOW that felt good!! lol

  9. Great card Suzanne! It would sure scare the bejesus outta me!

    When we were first married, hubby never ever put his socks in the laundry hamper. I asked him several times to please put your socks in the hamper! I finally got sick and tired of picking them up off the bedroom floor -and crawling under the bed to get that 1 stray sock, that I told him that if his socks didn't end up in the hamper, they would not get washed. So, about 2 weeks later he finally ran out of clean socks and had to go out to buy more socks but ever since then, he always puts his socks in the hamper.

    And yes, I've been known to "go ballistic" or blow my stack at times too.

    We've been married for 42 years now and the little annoying things we both do, we don't carp about anymore cuz neither one of us is going to change and we've both accepted that.

    I do wish, however; that he would close the damn kitchen cupboards and drawers when he is finished getting what he needs! Still drives me bonkers but he learned that from his mother! LOL

    Here's something I found on pinterest:

    I don't have a Honey do list, I have an I'll do it my fucking self list and surprise - the shit gets done!

  10. I hear ya girlie, I go through that regularly...sometimes I wonder if they zone out somewhere and pretend they aren't married to someone with an illness, seriously. Now my 17 year old nephew is living with us and doesn't turn lights off, leaves his shoes in the middle of the hallway so I trip over them, makes a daily mess of the bathroom including leaving his clothes on the floor in there as well as his bedroom etc. I am sure I will have a more expensive hydro bill next month. There, I feel better, thanks for listening :)S

  11. If I hadn't laughed at how mad you got, I'd have just yelled with you. Some days go like that. But you work way to hard and do way to much for your family. Guess I did too, but I know a gal, who does NOT work outside the home and each of her kids have to do their own laundry, clean their own rooms and bathrooms and do all the dishes and clean up. Mom only cooks the meals and cleans the rest of the house. How's that for a deal????? That Mom has it all right. Take care and get well soon. Ed

  12. Guess I got carried away. Like the card. Perfect for a black mood, or halloween. Ed

  13. As usual you have me entranced and LOL at the Dean household stories. Today I'm nodding my head as I'm hearing your husband/hamper story. Oh, can I relate!! Been there, done that...for almost 50 years! I love it when his sister who has never married calls me a saint for putting up with his crap!

    Terrific scary card! Gives me shivers!!!

  14. What a gorgeous card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  15. Wow this is Fantastic!! I love all the iron work die cutting. I found you on Make it Monday!

  16. Louise (Mamilou) (Ontario)September 14, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    I too can relate.... it's so irritating sometimes but we put up with it because... we love them!?! Reading your story and all the comments brightened a rainy day here in Ontario.

    Good to hear you are starting to feel better but one would actually have to STOP and REST for at least a minute to really get (and stay) better.

    LOVE that card. Spoooky!

    Try to slow down just a notch... if you can that is! LOL

  17. Hope you feel better after venting! I think we can all relate to it! I know I can! When WE get sick, nothing goes on. When MEN and BOYS get sick, life comes to a screeching halt. They can no longer function and expect to be waited on, hand and foot. Drives me nuts!!!
    Just hope you can stand the dirty clothes on the floor! Men can live with it much longer than we can! You will probably end up washing them before he gets around to picking them up! Been there, done that!!! Hang in there, girlfriend! You're the best!!! AND...I loved your always!

  18. Yipes! I maintain that men can only do so much because of that defective "Y" chromosone --- something's missing for use - and it's not fair to take advantage of the handicapped! If it's any consolation we all have them. I gave my daughters 18 years off while they were growing up because I knew they'd be sentenced to a life of servitude after they married! Luckily - I see that you do not have blood splattered on your card although that would certainly have sent another message. Good luck -- we'll see if you cave or not about not doing hubby's laundry. I always cave-in after I calm down! I one time destroyed a box of my husband's favourite cereal (because I didn't want to smash anything valuable) - I am now known as a "cereal killer".

  19. I have to say that I am amazed that all you do despite your health challenges. You are a wonderful person and good for you for letting family know. Yes, I have done the same thing.

  20. hahahaha....BUT...I think I can top that....but definitely understand where you are coming from! Years ago before we had a washer and dryer. I went to the laundromat every week..(notice the I in the comment). Well, hubby left his car at my parents after playing cards for some unknown reason and we live in a different town about 13 miles away. I needed to go do laundry so I had something clean to wear to work that night (I worked midnights...he worked noon-10ish). I told him to get me up so I could take him to his car and go do laundry. I woke up to the sound of my car pulling out!!! I was furious to say the least. I called my dad and asked him to come and get me so I could go do my laundry.....and yes, MY laundry....I sorted every single item of his out and half of the towels. (It was bitter cold and wintery out I have to add). My dad says when he got there you want to go get his car?....I said nope...take me to his workplace...I am getting my car. So I went and had them get the keys out of his locker leaving him with no car and went and did my laundry. He said to me next morning I about froze walking to your mom and dad's...I told him too bad he didn't (yes, I was still mad), but then he said my dad went and picked him up...BUT he figured out how to get his own laundry clean....I still laugh about that to this day!! hahaha
    They should know better...tsk...tsk...

  21. I can so relate to you. I can place a basket right at the top of the stairs so it can be taken down to the laundry room and it never fails that my husband will come upstairs and move it and when I ask him to take it downstairs he will go is that why this is here. I have been doing for years and he asks the same stupid question

  22. Sorry, Suzanne, but I got nothing to vent but I feel ya! I've been there before though. Love your card and all the distressing. And that die is to die for! Love how you used it. Feel better, my friend!


  23. Very cool card! Just the right amount of scary. Thanks for joining the Eureka! Stamps challenge this week.

  24. I so feel your pain Suzanne!!!!!!! My friend Kirsty told me to come and read your post after she read mine (: I swear that darn Y chromosome could take a hike once in awhile!!! Stay strong and boycott the laundry as long as possible, make him squirm!!! I think you should take a day off and recoup, you know he would!!! Men are such sucks when they are sick.


    Jenn (:

  25. Very creative and fun! Love the technique used! Thanks for joining us this week at Lollipop Crafts!

  26. Cute card! I was so happy to see that Susana had all those wonderful paper pads and of course I had to have them.

  27. Sorry you're still not well Suzanne. Great card

  28. Such an awesome card. Love the fun image and great embellishments. Thank you so much for playing along with us at Make It Monday.

  29. Wow what a fab card, really stunning!Thanks for joining us at NMW Challenges and good luck
    Claire xx

  30. Amazing card. Love the image. Thank you for sharing and joining in at NMWC. Hugs, Velma


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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