Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Smile to Get By!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you all!  Hope you all had a great weekend…I know it was beautiful weather here in VA and up in CT.  I have to say though I got up on Saturday in CT and walked outside…and SAW MY BREATH in the air…ummm I don’t like that so much LOL.  Too cold for me although it was sunny and in the 70’s during the day.  A big thanks to Debby for hosting me at her awesome store “Inspiration Station” in Stafford Springs.  I had a blast with all the ladies, my roomie Allison and our 3rd musketeer Nancy!  The leaves in CT are already changing and I’m sure the trees will be beautiful in another week or so.  I also learned a new word while I was in CT…”Leaf Peepers” LMBO…I had NEVER heard that, ever!  I mean we have gorgeous fall trees here in VA and in the Shenandoah Mtns and Skyline Drive is popular in the fall here but we never call people that go to look at the foliage “leaf peepers” hahahahaha I love it!  Tis’ my new fall word to use….leaf peepers….what? you are going leaf peeping?  hee hee things like that make me SMILE Smile  I’m all about having things to smile about…sometimes its just that one small thing in that particular day that changes everything.  And we ALL have days like that KWIM.  I always try to remember that whenever I’m dealing with someone even if they are difficult or being obnoxious or mean.  (does not include those that are ugly and mean for a reason…then I’m gonna go bat-to-bat with ya lol).  I figure maybe they just needed that one person to smile or say something nice.  So if you flick me off while driving, I’m gonna smile and wave at you.  If you are a nasty salesperson that hates their job and takes it out on me, I’m gonna say Have a great day!  I’m obnoxious like that LOL but I always say I will not allow ANYONE to let their unhappiness or nastiness invade my mood or change me…nooooo way.  And by responding nicely I know I did what I could and I can look in the mirror and be happy about it.  I’m not saying it happens 110% of the time but at least 90% of the time I am the BIGGER person, I am the HAPPIER person and if you don’t like it….well…sorry….can’t help you there LOL!  And we all know that in our lifetimes we have people that cross our paths that are there to test us…push us to the limit…and the only way we WIN is by choosing to not reciprocate their ugliness.  Put kindness out, and kindness comes back to you in many different ways…put nastiness out there and invite it back in --its the motto I live by.  So yeah you may TRY to rain on my sunshine parade but sorry…I didn’t invite you…you’re kicked out…and guess what…yep…I’m still SMILIN’ Smile


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Sendin’ a Smile!!

Today I’m sharing a card I made just because…just because I wanted to use these new red papers by Bazzill Basics (this pad is all reds but it comes in other colors HERE & 10% off too) and because I wanted to share some smiles with all my friends.  It really is a card LOL…in the pic the backside of the card in white doesn’t show up much ugh for some reason.  I adore this sentiment “If you don’t have Smile, I’ll give you one of Mine”..beautiful!

The sentiment is from Verve set…its older but a fave of mine!  I distressed all my papers with my Zutter Distress machine and the embossing was done with a Couture Creations folder called “Fireflies” (these are 5x7 folders and they emboss deeply which I love).  The die behind the sentiment is from Memory Box called “Quinn Flourish”…I love the swirly shape of it and these dies cut beautifully too.  Some ribbon tied with my Bow Easy, button, and pearls finish it off.

I accented the sentiment with red Copic R29 and Stickles for some sparkle.  I used R24 and R22 to shade around the sentiment frame as well. 

That’s all for me today, hope this made ya smile and I wish you a wonderful day!! Smile


  1. Such a pretty card, beautiful reds. The sentiment is just perfect, especially with your post. :-)

  2. If we are not all smiling by the time we get done reading your blog there is somethingw wrong! LOVE your creativity in your words and your cards. Thanks for making my day.

  3. Louise (Mamilou) (Ontario)September 25, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    Glad to hear your weekend went well. Hopefully now you can rest a little bit and take it easy ? LOL I know: you taking it easy? that is not in your vocabulary!

    I too had a great weekend at an all day crop celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the scrapbook store I frequent the most: Two Scrapbook Friends.

    Drove through the Shenandoah Mountains and on the Skyline drive, in the Fall, a few years back. Just absolutely gorgeous. And I guess it's OK to be "leaf peeping"... as long as you don't forget the second "p" in there....(sorry could not resist it).

    Love the card. Love reds and black so this has a lot of impact. Great sentiment too

  4. What a beautiful card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. That is a beautiful card. Love the sentiment and the colors and the distressing, made me smile! I like "leaf peepers" going to have to use that one, it's fun! Your cheerfulness and positive attitude is contagious, keep it up!

  6. Suzanne, what a sweet and happy blog today! Am so glad you are in a great mood and had a wonderful time in CT. Loved that place when I lived there and loved the 4 seasons. Never heard the word "Leaf Peepers" though, but love it.. Wish we could have it down here in Louisiana but we only have hot summer and cool winter, once in a while maybe we might get snow and we do get hurricanes, still cleaning up from the latest. But we take what we can get..
    Love your card, the red an black is so great and matches the quote so perfectly... all I can say if you have an extra smile, can you send me one?
    Hugs, Jean

  7. I love your attitude Suzanne! And great card too!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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