Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love in a Flower Pot!

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone! How are you doing today? I am sick with a sinus infection/ear infection so I'm not so hot, lol but I'm not contagious and I've still got lots to get done so it won't slow me down. I'm leaving in the morning tomorrow to teach in Long Island, NY on Saturday then I'll be home very early Sunday morning (yes I'm driving straight thru again, lol)!  Then I have 2 weeks off from travel but lots to do still, lol.  Homecoming is coming up soon for Alexa and I've got to take her dress shopping and get ready for all our Halloween/Fall parties.  The backyard will be finished on Saturday and we've got some planting to get done on it as well before the first frost hits us--which if you live here in VA it's felt very COLD every day--I HATE IT( blech)!  I miss summer already (boo-hoo)!

A couple of PSA's for you today ('cept they're SSA's--Suzanne's Service Announcements, lol) that you can read or skip.  If you are looking for copic coloring classes (and I'm not near you, lol) please do your homework before you sign up.  Just because someone says they are certified MEANS NOTHING okay--I hate to see so many of you waste your hard earned $$'s and be disappointed.  Getting Copic Certified ONLY MEANS you have taken a class that enables you to market and sell them and tell what they can do, that's why they were created--it DOES NOT mean you will learn or know how to teach coloring techniques okay!  I'm not discouraging anyone from becoming certified but if a LSS(store) has a copic class near you and they're teaching coloring and say the instructor is certified please BEWARE.  ASK to see samples of their work, ASK what class materials they offer, ASK how long they've used them and ASK them lots of other hard questions.  If you are not happy with ANY of their answers don't spend the $$ on the class.  I've heard of some people who have gotten certified and set up classes a week later to teach when they had NEVER used the markers before---this is BAD! It gives Copic a bad name, it makes instructors like me look BAD and makes you frustrated.  I'm not certified but I have used them for a LONG time, know all there is to know about them and I am comfortable with teaching them and I have an art background--I am not the only teacher out there BUT I want you to get the best info and class you can so that means I want you informed.  If you were buying a car you would get the most information gathered and make an educated decison---do the same with a Copics class, it will save you money, time & frustration in the long run okay!

My other SSA is about the Constitution!  I don't talk politics here on my blog because that's not why I created it but this I cannot help.  Yes, we all have freedom of speech according to the US Constitution but for goodness sakes people--USE SOME COMMON SENSE & DECENCY!!  Protesting against something because you disagree or are mad at the government at the funeral of a fallen soldier or other person is just NOT RIGHT!  There are times and places for certain things and this just physically makes me sick to hear about!  Do not take advantage of the loss of someone's loved one to promote your opinion IN ANY WAY--THIS IS NEVER OKAY!  Do we need to take the names of all the protester's down and when their loved ones die make sure we go and protest at their funerals?  How would they feel about it then?  Death is never nice, never good and never wanted and for lord's sake give people one proper day of RESPECT, PEACE and the RIGHT to grieve without your freedom of speech taking priority okay!  Be A DECENT HUMAN BEING and pick another place and day!  And remember that those soldiers you are protesting COULD be your son, your brother, your father, you daughter, your mother and thank the day that all of them ever enlisted so they can PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Phew.....and that's all I gotta say on that but this controversy is disgusting to me and I cannot even believe in this day & age people are arguing over whether they have the right---find something else to waste your time on okay!

Love in a Flower Pot!!

Do you remember Anne Geddes?  This image by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD so reminds me of those cute pictures of babies in flowers and cute poses--adorable!  I had to do this up in soft pinks, creams and greens--a totally feminine baby card.  This image is called "Rose Petal" and is from the new Elisabeth Bell Mini Release at Susana's Custom Art & Card Design--it's too cute to resist!

This card today is for this week's SCACD Try It Out Challenge which was to use an image with an animal of some kind--see details for challenge HERE!  Yes I CHEATED again but I HAD to use this cutie "Rose Petal" so I added some punched butterflies for my "animal", lol--I actually love the way the butterflies enhance the whole card!  All of my papers are from My Mind's Eye "Lost & Found" Collection--I love all these papers in different color series, my fave of the year I think!  I distressed my image with my Zutter Distress tool and the triple bow was done with my Bow Easy and some fancy layering of ribbon (wink).   The cool circle die cut behind my image is a new Spellbinders die called "Lacey Circles"!

My image was colored on Cryogen cardstock with copics--to keep the colors soft I used a technique with the Colorless Blender to keep my colors super light (R21,R00/YG93,YG91/E43,E42,E40).  The ends of the petals got stardust Stickles and the roses on the pot got a thick coat of diamond glaze.

Hope you enjoyed my project for today--make sure to stop by the SCACD store blog to see the rest of the DT's challenge projects!

I'll have another project for you for the weekend so stay tuned--no more SSA's I promise :)


  1. Wow - I totally agree. I'm astounded people would be so opportunistic at such a sad event!
    On a much gentler note, your card is lovely and the image really IS like an Anne Geddes portrait! Adorable.
    Enjoy the rest of your day,

  2. I couldn't agree more about protesting at funerals. I can't believe people have the gall to do something like that.

    You're card, however, is beautiful! Love the color combo and the soft coloring on the image.

  3. Suzanne, awwww this is such a precious image and you have done a fantastic job. Love the coloring and the layout. Re the people protesting....I 100% agree with every word you said. It broke my heart for the parents of that fallen soldier and also made me angry at the same time. That young man gave his life so we could have the freedoms that we so enjoy in this country. Ohhh don't get me started....I am the daughter of an Army man who fought in WWII and the Korean War and the wife of a husband who was in the service in the late 60's and early 70's. God bless them all and I appeciate them all so much.

  4. THANK YOU sweetie for addressing these two issues.
    My son deploys tomorrow (I have written a post about it going up tomorrow) I can't even imagine the hurt of having such senseless people being so disrespectful.Thank you for calling them what they are in kind words.
    Second I am also peeved with the people out there calling themselves Copic certified ! I wouldn't waste my time taking anyone's word if they can't produce several examples of their work...I think I am prejudge because I have been following your videos for so long. I saved the money and chose not to be certified, I could buy many more markers that way.
    Thank you for the inspiration the the brass to speak up for what is right.
    Oh yea, your card is wonderful as usual, love the soft colors.
    Hope your feeling better soon...take care of yourself.

  5. Suzanne I totally agree with you on the protesting at the funerals, I felt so hurt for the family. I come from a family of military men and my son did 2 tours one in the Marines and one in the Army and to have some yoyo protesting while I was grieving is just devastating.
    OH ya.. Fabulous card, the image is just adorable :).

  6. Oh, how adorable! I love this card and that image is precious!
    About the controversary...try living in the same town, with the same last name as those causing the controversary...I do and I have, though we're not related AT ALL.

  7. Sorry you are not felling well Suzanne:( Also I would like to say AMEN to that! People can be so rude! Might I add, our soldiers became soldiers for a reason, for their beliefs not yours, and they knew what they were getting into. My husband is a soldier and it aggrivates me to no end that people take our military for granted!
    Love your card btw, those soft colors are awesome!! Have you ever hear of Rose Petal Place? One of my favorite movies as a child...this brings back good memories for me. Hope your class goes well and your feeling better soon!

  8. Hi Suzanne, I hope you feel better soon! I'm always in awe of your coloring & truly appreciate all the tutorials, charts & tips that you've worked hard on to share with us. It has given me the courage to keep practicing coloring.
    Regarding your freedom of speech comment. I totally agree with's a matter of decency & compassion for another human being. I cannot imagine that they would be ok with other people disrespecting THEIR right to mourn in peace. I just don't get it.
    You're not alone in feeling this way. Take care of yourself.
    hugs, Vina

  9. Suzanne, I love your card it's so delicate and lovely as usual!! I am praying you get well quickly.Wish you were doing a class near me. As to your comments about those protesters I 100% agree only I would also ask if they are so called Christians then where is their Agape love? The bible says we are to love one another so where is their love for these poor grieving people and what have they taught their children??? Hate is what they are teaching not compassion or love. What goes around comes around. Blessings to all our Military and their families!!!!

  10. Hi Suzanne. OMWord! I love your card. She is just so sweet sleeping in her flower pot. I love it! Your coloring is always just perfect and I for one can not wait until you get to this side of the states so that I can come and take one of your classes. As for the protesting..... I was told once that my freedom only goes as far as the person's freedom next to me. If mine overlaps theirs then no one has freedom. So, I totally agree. If you have a point it's ok to present it, but for God's sake keep to yourself and leave people alone when they are trying to bury the very people that are fighting to keep that freedom that you feel you so righfully deserve. Ok, I will calm down now and just finish by saying that I love your card and I hope you drive safe. Hugs, Lisa

  11. Suzanne, love your darling card and hope you feel much better real soon.
    As for your feelings about the protesters, I have to agree. Even though I'm for free speech, this goes too far. Lana makes a good point, as to the fact they claim to be such strong "Christians"? They don't seem to be very "Christ-like" in their actions.

    In the last week we've heard so much about "bullying" in our schools, listening to these protesters, and especially the interview with them on Nightline, and you can see where some of our children in this country get their examples. They have no empathy, respect or tolerance for others, only hate and what a sad message it sends.

  12. Hi Suzanne,
    What a very sweet card, lovely image!
    Hope you get well

  13. Sort of happened to me. I went to a beginners class and did learn a few basics but at the end of the class (cost £15) found out that the teacher took her info from YOU! I thought, I can do that - and often do 'cos I admire your work - so I never took another class. So it's obviously not just happening in the USA but over here in the UK too. I watch your videos, take ages looking at your finished pieces and make notes of the pens you've used. Therefore, may I say a great big THANK YOU to the best tutor of Copic colouring there is - Suzanne Dean.
    Luv Joanne xx

  14. What a cutie !! lovely, bright card !! great job,
    greetings, martina

  15. such a sweet card, Suzanne. gorgeous coloring. thanks for all the videos you made. that's how i learned to color and still learning. =)

  16. Hey Suzanne...sorry you're sick today. It's been chilly down here in Richmond too...I LOVE fall...leaves are just starting to turn a little. So beautiful...and so is your new card. I love Elizabeth Bell images...and your card featuring this little cutie is just precious!! Have a great trip...Pat Frank

  17. Totally agree with you 110% Suzanne, I have learned more from watching your videos than I could have anywhere else. In fact I am using copics BECAUSE of your videos (they nearly went in the bin at one stage lol).

    Feel better soon x

  18. Oh and I adore the card, the soft colours are so precious.

  19. Love your amaze me with your coloring.
    I took the certification class and the first thing I said, "how did that make me certified to teach?" So I totally agree with you.
    I can't believe anyone with disagree with you on the protests at the services of our war heroes....unbelievable.

  20. i couldn't agree more. when my son was 6 he went on a field trip and protestors surrounded the school bus full of kids and began screaming at them and cussing. the children were scared to death and thank god one of the teachers had a cell phone. they had to call the police to come and help them escape and no one was in trouble as they were simply exercising their freedom of speech over the impending political debate being held on the grounds the following week. from that moment on (some 14 years now) my son's has had a seriously bad opinion of US politics.

    Love the card even tho ya cheated...

  21. (((hugs))) Suzanne, hope you get to feeling well! It's very sad to see what this world is coming to...some things are just no ok...

    I am using copics as well because of your the past 2 months I have bought tons of copics from Terri, shopped SCACD, Tiddly Inks, and it's all because of what beautiful work you do...when I grow up I want to color like you! :)

    Have safe travels!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. First of all God is about LOVE!!!
    I am sooo fed up with those who use hatred and ignorance in all walks of life but esp. standing behind the right for Freedom of Speech that in this case this soldier as well as every soldier fights and dies to protect. No one has the right to harrass another human being from young bullies to adult bullies. NO ONE has the right to infringe on any one's right to grieve in peace at their PERSONAL funeral. It is not a public forum and it is just plain WRONG!!!
    ON a side note Suzanne your art just ROCKS!!!
    Susana (SCACD)

  24. OMG are wright on with what you said about these crazy people.TFS all your talent
    and your beautiful cards.I have
    learned so much from you.
    HUGS from Texas Linda

  25. I agree too! You tell them S! and by the way... here is an unsolicited testimonal... I have taken 2 Copic classes from certified instructors both online and at a LSS before I signed up for your color me creative onine classes and I regretted deeply the money I wasted. Your classes have been more helpful to me than anything I have taken previously. The other classes were not bad per se...but the cost was higher, I received less helpful information, and the instructors "coloring style" was not something I really cared for. The sheer fact that you allow us to access your content for a year makes your classes a far greater $ for $ value than anything else I have seen out there. The only thing I got out of the class at the LSS was markers included in the class fee and the chance to try out the airbrush system...which I am sure you offer in your on the road classes. Just my opinion here but I always recommend your instruction on my blog and on forums because I think your style of teaching is wonderful and the most helpful to me and I wish your program had been available when I was first started out because I would not have bothered with anything else!

  26. First off, thanks Suzanne, I agree with everything you said!!! Now about your card--I LOVELOVELOVE it, it is just so precious. I love all your soft colors and how you colored your image, so SWEET!!! Thanks also for all the videos you do, I watch them all the time and have learned so much from you. You are a great copic instructor and such an inspiration to me! Hope you feel betta soon! Take care. Hugs from Hawaii!

  27. I TOTALLY AGREE about these left wing NUTS - so many horrible things have been said and done in this country all dubbed "free speech" - I don't consider 'actions' speech and they shouldn't be considered under that amendment - if you want to burn our flag go to another country and do it - if you don't like America you can darn well LEAVE!!! We've got our problems but we're still the best darn country in the world - at least for now!

    Thanks for sharing that and your Copic talent - I feel like I've learned a lot from you!!

  28. I agree with you. My heart goes out to the families!
    Your card is so cute. I magnified your image and wow..... your blending is fantastic! I am still working on it... Did you leave some parts of the petals white.. without any copic? It looks fab!

  29. You go girl!! Well stated.

    On a calmer note ... this is yet another A+++ card...executed to perfection. And Suzanne is so correct about being careful when you sign up for Copic classes taught by a Copic Certified Instructor. I am one of the many who did exactly that and it was a total waste of time and hard earned dollars. Suzanne is coming up to Ontario to teach a "real" class and I can hardly wait!

  30. Love the pastel colors in this little flowerpot girl. So sweet. And I agree about the protesters at a funeral. So bad! Get healthy again soon. sounds like you have a lot going on to get any rest.

  31. Totally adorable card. And yes I agree with you.

  32. I wholeheartedly agree with you on both subjects, Suzanne. First of all......I want to learn how to color with my Copics......not just how to sell them (gasp), etc. And the other subject is just too appalling to me that someone would want to bring harm another human being at a funeral. Disgusting!

    Anywho........onto your FABulous card. It is PRECIOUS beyond words! Love it & love the soft colors. And yes.......butterflies can be animals. LOL

    Huggies ~

  33. My husband left for Iraq in August. You will never know know how much your words mean to me. Thank you.

  34. I love your blog - and it's because you do occasionally voice your thoughts when it is important - as with today's issue!
    P.S. Love your card too!

  35. I always adore your creations inspirations for me. only hold classes in the US..and I am living the South East Asia...anyway, am following your on-line classes and am one of your laziest

  36. I agree on your thoughts on the copic teachers out there, I will wait till you come to WA. State and yes I agree on peoples politial thoughts things just get too out of control.
    I hope you are feeling better and able to survive your next classes on the road.
    love your card that is such a cute stamp. I saw it and wondered how can it be done but wow you did awesome job ..of course.

  37. Your creation is so beautiful and sweet. She is the cutest baby and you did perfect with the colors. Love it.
    I am with you on those minorities who think they can protest without concern for others.
    Hope you get better soon. Take care.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely card.


  38. I sure hope you feel better & that you have a wonderful class. Safe Travels!! That is such a precious image and you have really captured it beautifully. I soooo agree with you!!!

  39. Gorgeous card!! The colors are beautiful and I love the fancy ribbon. I hope you feel better soon.

  40. Suzanne, Your card is adorable!!! That image is so sweet. I hope you feel better soon with your sinuses. Have you tried the Neti pot? It really does help flush our your sinuses. That is what the dr. recommended when my DH had the flu/sinus infection last year.

  41. Wow Suzanne! I love this!! Darling image and your card is GORGEOUS! You are such an enabler! LOL! I see dollars flying out of my purse again!
    I don't think there are many Americans or human beings for that matter that would disagree with you about the protesters. We had this group of hate promoters here protesting a funeral and thank goodness for the Harley dudes! They showed up to block the family from the protesters. Unbelievable!
    Safe travels!
    Big Hugs!

  42. Hi Suzanne. I couldn't agree with your more in regards to protesting during a funeral and something should have been done about this. I feel so sad for the family of this fallen soldier that they couldn't even say their good-bys in peace. On another note, thank you so much for your input on being "certified" as far as being a Copic instructing goes. I was unaware that one really doesn't have to pass any qualifications in order to be certified. I was actually thinking about signing up for a class at my local scrapbooking store but now I have serious second thoughts and I'll wait until you are doing a class in my neighborhood. Thirdly, I LOVE your card and the image definitely is a reminder of the beautiful Anne Geddes artwork. I LOVE reading your blog. Hope that you feel well enough to travel this weekend.

  43. Well said!!

    I'm with you and totally agree first about Copics and being certified, it does NOT mean you are ready to teach or should be teaching and yet so many people seem to assume otherwise! Bummer!!

    Certification is simply as you said, a one day class and we all know that it's NOT truly possible to each based off of that alone. Using Copic takes a lot of practice, practice, practice and a fabulous instructor -- like YOU!!!

    As for the breaks my heart to see the behavior, especially during such a difficult time for the families. I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in privacy and respect! IMHO they should be banned from any private services! PERIOD!!

    THE END!!

    Love ya,

  44. Your baby in the flower pot image is just too adorable and you colored it perfectly (of course). I hope that you get to feeling better before your drive! Take care of yourself. Freedom of speech is a tricky subject! Your comment was worded beautifully and I feel the same way about rudeness and some people's inability to feel empathy for others. Thanks for putting it in black and white!

  45. Let me start with say AMEN! I spent my time in the Army and have several friends still in. Please people respect your fellow American's. As for the copic classes I am glad you let us know, I a dying to take a class and since YOU don't have a TN date, I have been looking around and there are 2 places, I saw some work by one of the instructors and it looked nothing like what you had produced. So I hold out that you will make a stop in the great state of TN

  46. I totally agree about these protest groups during military funerals. They are wrong! I'm glad to see that there are so many who agree.

    I love your card. It is as always beautifully colored.

  47. Oh Suzanne, what a darling card!!! I HAVE to have this stamp and papers. A dear young lady from my 4-H club just had a little girl and this stamp is sooooo perfect! Can you tell me how to distress with scissors? Your opinions on freedom of speech - exactly what has been on my mind - you took the words right out of my mouth, and that's all I have to say about that, to quote Mr. F. Gump! Have a great day. :o)

  48. Hi Suzanne, i hope you will be better soon. Ok maybe your mind is somewhere else right now but i want to give you an award. I appreciate your work. I love to watch your beautiful colored cards and projects, i love to watch your video's with tutorials and i have learned so much from them.
    Hugs Sylvia

  49. I totally agree!! It's disgusting what people do. Let the families have their peace.My husband and I talk about that all the time. My cousin recently died and was an elected official of a town where there were problems and he actually had to resign. We were worried that any of the people who hated what he did would show up, luckily they didn't and the family had the funeral in peace!
    On a happier note, I too love your card!

  50. YOU ARE SSSOO RIGHT!! A funeral is not the place to protest what is the world coming to. I see so many things on the news it almost makes me sad to watch the news, if everyone just stopped and thought about others feelings before doing this world would be a better place.. EMPATHY!!!!!
    P.s. Love your card!!

  51. Protesting at a funeral is so wrong - on so many levels. I totally agree with you, Suzanne. It is disgusting. Makes you wonder about people, doesn't it? Just sickening.
    On a better note: your card is lovely - so soft looking! Can't wait to try that technique!
    Hope you feel better! {{hugs}}

  52. I normally dont comment on blogs but I have to say this is the cutest and the most darling card I have seen. You are very talented and creative. I love this card!

  53. Wow, love this card. The colors are awesome.Very cute image !!
    Thanks for sharing !!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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