Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm Up To?

Hello friends!!  I have not left ScrapBitz to worries LOL!  I have been taking off most of July and August to enjoy summer, be with my family and work on my own health which was in desperate need of some time off.  So I'm still alive and kicking and working on lots of things all at once per the usual....just took time off from working on crafty projects for now.  So I will have a new post on Friday and of course I will be back in September with posts for you all each week...don't worry!

If you miss some stories and pictures I have been posting on my other blog Bitz of Me....that blog is full of recipes I've made, decorating, organizing and just my life in general.

In September my daughter begins her Senior year of High School so its been extremely important for me to really soak up this summer, being totally present and in the moment and enjoying her and my family.  Work is always there, will always be there...unfortunately I cannot wish this time back so I have made an executive decision to take time off.  I haven't taken time off from this blog in over 6 I thought I was due.  And my health has been suffering a bit...I don't yakety-yak about it because no one comes to my blogs to read that stuff...but let's just say its prevented me from getting some things done in the craft room right now and I hope to be as good as new (well slightly new lol) this fall and back to business as usual.  So no worries...its all gonna be good!

So here is a picture diary of sorts of what the Dean Family has been up to this summer:

Our backyard is a favorite place to be when its nice outside!

My garden is growing well and we've had a ton of goodies from it already and I've been cooking up a storm with all the produce.  YUM!
EDIT:  RECIPES are on my Bitz of Me Blog
The Tomato Pie recipe will be up on Friday for everyone :)

My hydrangeas are beautiful this year out front of my house.

We spent 2 weeks in Key West, Florida for our summer vacation this year!
Then a long 4th of July weekend in DC to wrap up our vacation...lots of fun, lots of memories and lots of good times with the family!

View from the deck of the master bedroom in our resort.
Parrot Key is a beautiful place to stay on the Gulf side.

Gotta love the beautiful sunsets in Key West

When in Key West you have to have Key Lime Pie...duhhh! YUM!

The Kids at the Southernmost point in Key West!

Can't have a vacation without some time at the pool relaxing, reading and hanging out.  Or in my hubby's terms....SLEEPING in the pool LOL!

No vacation is done without some Putt Putt golf at night!
Some goofing off LOL!

We spent the day at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon Key...Alexa wants to intern here next summer.  Great place to spend the day!

Dolphins at the Research Center!

The water off the Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas is just beautiful & perfect for swimming and snorkeling!

Snorkeling off of the Dry day ever!

Inside the Fort!

Me and Alexa...wrapping up a great trip in the Keys!

DC architecture is beautiful if you take the time to really look and notice!

Part of our DC weekend included a visit to the Smithsonians...we hadn't been in a couple of years and they are always fun to visit (and free)!  This is the Smithsonian of Natural of our faves!

We spent 4th of July afternoon at a Nats game in DC of!

Crabs on 4th July weekend are a MUST for us! YUM!

We spent 4th of July evening on the top of my hubby's work building to watch the 
fireworks over the National Mall.

Fireworks in DC never fail to amaze!  You can see the Washington Monument to the left!

Alexa spent time down in Orlando, FL at SeaWorld for career training camp.
She is going to major in Marine Sciences in college and this was something she'd been wanting to do for awhile. She had a blast!  She got to swim with the dolphins, interact with seals, otters and penguins.  Some one-on-one time with Shamu! Behind the scenes action, watching the vets and trainers up close...she was sad to come home LOL!

She roomed with a friend from school so she had a buddy and and she made some friends
there with the same interests that she may know for a lifetime. Great experience!

Meanwhile I took Riley up to upstate NY to visit my Gram and family.  My Gram is 92 and we try to visit every summer.  I took Alexa to Niagara Falls last year so this year it was Riley's turn!

My family's house is on acres of vineyards (the grapes are used in Welch's Grape Juice & Jellies)
Grapes look yummy this year!
My dogs acclimate to country life in NY well...this is Baylee after some jaunts in the pond going frog hunting LOL!

 Some nights at midnight you will find me baking cookies in the kitchen for the teen's friends...friends are over all house 95% of the time I think...they never leave.  So cookies are always good...mmm!

 Denard Span...whom I asked for a hug from and then he got his first homerun of the season..I like to think it was my hug-magic that helped LOL!
Cutie Ian Desmond!
Adam LaRoche (Alexa's fave)
Manager Davey Johnson

A few of the sigs on my shirt...whoot!
Lots of weekends you can find us at Nats Park in DC watching our baseball team the Washington Nationals....we have season tix so we are there a lot!  This past weekend was a Season Ticket Holder event and we got to meet all the Nats players, I got a few hugs (heehee) and some autographs on my shirt and Alexa's was awesome.

This coming weekend we are headed to Richmond, VA for Redskins Training Camp. I got VIP tix to meet the players (can ya tell how excited this gal is) and we are taking the kids and their friends and staying overnight.  Gonna be fun!  I've been a Redskins fan since I was 5 and I cannot wait for football season to start...and some RGIII action :)

So that's it in a nutshell...the Dean's are all over the place..trying to soak up summer, enjoy life and most of all enjoy being with each other!  
And we will continue that thru August before the rush of school and sports begins ackkk!

Wishing you all a beautiful August!


  1. Wow that's interesting lovely photos and nice to see you all having a lovely time x

  2. Good for you Suzanne. You need to relax, take care of yourself and enjoy your family. Children grow and then they are gone. It goes so fast.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  3. Thanks for sharing I love following your travels....take care of yourself "Boss Lady". It will be good to have you back on the ctaft boards!
    Big hugs

  4. Is the recipe for your tomato pie on your blog somewhere? It looks so good and a friend is giving me lots of tomatoes today. :) Would love to make it.
    I searched your entire Scrap Bitz blog but couldn't find it. Am I just missing it somewhere?

    1. Hi Sue--the recipe will be on my other blog Bitz of Me on Friday...the blog is linked above in the post :) Thx!

    2. Thanks Suzanne.
      I realized after I clicked "Publish" on my post --- that it was actually your Bitz of Me blog that I had searched for the recipe. Got the blogs confused there for a bit. But that's O.K. cause I printed some more recipes off that I didn't print when you posted them. Now I'm looking forward to making them. :) Especially your healthy salad dressing ones. It's tough to find really healthy ones on the supermarket shelves these days.
      Anyways, I have a whole box of big beautiful yellow heirloom tomatoes here to use up now --- looking forward to seeing your tomato pie recipe today. :) I also want to make Caprese Salad and Bruschetta --- so happy to have fresh basil out in my back yard to use for these recipes!:)

  5. Every now and then it is good to stop and take time for yourself and family. Have a great remainder of the summer and can't wait to see the beautiful projects you will come back with

  6. TFS your lovely pictures. Enjoy the summer and the family. They grow up so fast.... and don't forget to look after yourself! Have a wonderful month of August.
    Take care. Sending love and kisses from Canada.

  7. Good for you, I'm so glad you are taking a much needed break and spending time with your family. Take care of yourself and we, your devoted fans, will be here when you get back :)
    Hugs, Christine

  8. Hi there,
    Would just like to ditto the last comment by Christine. And to add that our kids grow up so fast. Mine are both grown up, married and have given me a lovely grandson and one on the way! Weren't they just in prams yesterday!!! Eek!


  9. Suzanne I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Enjoy your time off - you deserve it.
    Looks like it has been a wonderful summer so far with your family.
    Big Hugs, Candy

  10. Hey You.......Hope you are enjoying your time off, and having some great Dean Family fun!!!! We sure miss you here, yet, you got it right, these are the important times, and it's more important to take care of yourself, and savor your time with the family - time, we can't get it back.......

    When you wrote this, I was doing exactly the same thing, enjoying a month long visit with my son and his family while they were here on a visit. I so enjoy seeing my grandsons since we only get to Skype, and this time they were old enough to enjoy some sites here. That's life half a world away....

    Enjoy yourself and come back to us rested. You are such a gift....... :)


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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