Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blah Blah blah!!

Hiya my most wonderful friends! I hope you had a beeeee-utiful weekend! The weather was PERFECT here in VA and I soaked in every minute of it!  Now that I'm traveling I try to eek out lots of quality time with my kids and hubby (and animals,lol) so I really try not to work on the weekends when I'm home.  We spent the day on Saturday outside on our patio and grilled out for dinner then had some homemade smores and blasted some tunes on the ipod dock and just talked and enjoyed the cooler weather :)  Sunday we headed down to DC to see the Washington Nationals play (they won--yay) and we had awesome club seats right behind home plate (see pics) which means free food and snacks, lol--although I just had some Cracker Jacks!!  And a nice cool breeze and sunny blue skies, what a beautiful day it was!  Even if the Redskins did lose and totally bummed me out later that evening, lol!  So all in all a nice & relaxing weekend with my family--just the way I like it!  This Friday I will be headed up to Wilmington, DE to teach my CMC Copic Class and meet some friends as well (waving hi to Anary & Cindy)!!  Then I'll head back home after the classes on Saturday evening so I can enjoy Sunday with my family and catch up on chores, lol!  Next weekend I'll be in Long Island NY so if you're interested check out my site !

Baseball Pics (if you subscribe you must come to blog site to view these):

I didn't finish my project for today so I thought I'd do just some fun lists for you, lol!  I haven't done this in FOREVER so I thought now was a good time, hee hee!  More than you ever wanted to know, right??

4 Strange Things About Me:

-I like even numbers--for real--I CANNOT stand uneven things.  If someone hands me three cookies I either put one back or ask for another, lol!  See each subject here "4" need I say more, lol!

-I am a HUGE scaredy-cat!  Ever since I saw the movie "Psycho" when I was 8 (yes my parents thought I was asleep in the backseat at the drive-in, well I wasn't, lol) I have been an extremely cautious and freaked out gal!  I slept with a fireplace poker UNDER my pillow at my hotel in Michigan cuz it helped me sleep, lol!  Yes I do these things!

-I like Ruffles potato chips in my ice cream--this I blame on my father who did this while I was young, lol!  I love salt and sweet together! (can anyone say Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, lol)

-I will not walk into the ocean in SC--I only will FLOAT out because I HATE stepping on live sand dollars--it creeps me out big time!  I make hubby pull me out on the float and then pull me back in, lol!

- here's an extra for ya, lol--I can read French fluently but I SUCK at speaking it!!

4 Pet Peeves:

-I HATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTE bad, slow, careless, stupid drivers!!  I have a bit of a potty mouth in the car and nothing infuriates me more than someone talkin'/textin' on their phone, not paying attention and doing stupid crap on the roads!  I WILL put my window down and let you know how dumb I think you are if you do something that endangers me, anyone in my vehicle or anyone else on the road.  No lie--ask my family, lol!

-I hate to talk about religion or politics at dinner---I have my opinion and I respect your opinion, but I don't want to get upset while I'm eating!  I like to EAT, lol!  Some things are best discussed elsewhere KWIM!

-Bath Soap!  I only will use liquid soap EVER--it disgusts me to think about where that bar of soap might have been, lol!

-Silly but true, when the pillows are messed up on my couches and chairs in my family room it can make me go BONKERS!  I mean literally I could have a coronary about it and no one in my family heeds my warnings--it drives me NUTS, lol!

My 4 Fave Things I Own (not have like family, but own):

-My KINDLE---best gift ever and I loveeeee it!  (you can get a new one now for only $135)

-my new Lane doublewide Snuggler recliner chair in my family room that is MINE (mine came from a furniture store and it's a butter yellow, lol)!  It's comfy and wide enough for all my furbabies to sit with me while I work, lol!

-my wedding rings :) of course!

-my sound machine (Homedics)--I love it, cannot sleep w/o it, travel with it and makes me a happy girl!!

4 Great Books I Just Read:

-Juliet by Anne Fortier (excellenteeeee)

-The Widower's Tale by Julia Glass

-1022 Evergreen Place by Debbie Macomber (the newest in the Cedar Cove series)

-The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard

-and an extra---I am a magazine lover--I get over 20 subscriptions and I love to read them all each month!!  When I run out, I buy others at the store!!

My Top 4 Craft Tools (minus Copics, lol):

-My Zutter Distress Tool-- I use it constantly and it saves me bum-loads of time!

-My Tonic Guillotine Cutter--I've had it for almost 2.5 years and it still cuts beautifully and I love that it's bigger than a 12x12 paper that has a border! (and no replacing blades, luv that)

-My Inkssentials Blending Foam Tool--I use it 99% of the time on my stamped images for soft backgrounds and to ink my papers!

-My Ott Lites!  I have 2 in my craft room and one downstairs by my light box for taking pictures!  I love the true light they give out!

My 4 Fave Songs at the Moment (I am a broad & eclectic music listener, hee hee):

-The NEW David Gray album (yes it's an album not a song)--I have loveddddd him for years and his music is soulful, soft and easy on the ears.

-"Only a Dream" by Nelly (lovvvvvvvvvvvve it and I'm singing it now, hear me, lol)

-Maroon 5 with Lady Antebellum "Out of Goodbyes"

-Mumford & Sons "Little Lion Man" (it makes me smile)

My Top 4 Shows I watch on TV (or Tivo most likely, lol):


-Modern Family



(and any other time I usually have HGTV playing!!)

My Top 4 Movies EVER:

-Top Gun (uhhhh duh, I've seen it 100 times, lol)

-Steel Magnolias (makes you laugh & cry)

-Toy Story (all of them--first movie I took my kids too and still remains a fave for all of us)

-When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle and Who's Got Mail (yes it's 3) but I LOVE to watch these over & over and Meg Ryan was in her prime best!!

-I DO NOT subject myself to horror/thriller movies--I don't need any more nightmares and I just dislike them.  I also will not watch most dramas especially if they are sad or depressing---we get enough of that in real life and in the news, I don't need to watch it in my free time.  I stick to fun comedies the majority of the time--when I get free time I like to be entertained and laugh NOT cry!

And lastly My Top 4 Places I Want to Visit:

-Florence, Venice & Rome, Italy

-Paris, Brittany and Normandy, France

-Australia (all of it, lol)


Now that's all you'll ever need to know about me, lol!!  See you tomorrow with a project!!!


  1. So nice to find out some quirky things about people. Thanks for sharing. And Australia is a gorgeous place to visit and worth seeing all of it.

  2. What a fun post! Here is my input...try Ruffles on egg salad sandwiches...yummy! My scarey movie was Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte...I still can not reach into a dark room and flip on the light...too spooky for me!

  3. wow. Love to read it.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. I'm not sure I know that much about myself! lol And, lets hope we don't run into the same driver at the same time, because he/she will regret it! I'm such an aggressive driver and I use language & gestures that one would not even think that I know! My husband just informed me last night that he doesn't like to ride with me because I embarass him. hehe Thanks for the fun info, I loved today's post!

  5. Totally get the sweet and salty thing, jelly beans and chips is good too. When you make it to Australia maybe you could stay with us, right in the middle of wine and horse country in NSW.

  6. Stop by anytime Suzanne, we'd love to have you!

  7. Wow! Except for the even, uneven thing we could be buddies! You are a fantastic artist!

  8. Thanks for the fun tidbits it is always nice to know someone a little better !

  9. so kool to know these things about someone i follow "blog wise"..
    thanks for sharing...

  10. You never should have mentioned reading French fluently. I have about 700 French doll patterns from 1905-1960! Interested in a challenge? Only kidding. What a great post!

  11. Hi Suzanne,
    Yes to this day day I hate having a shower when I am alone in the house lol...I like everything about you, just one question, what is a Kindle...Australia is a fabulous place to live and I am sure you will love to visit...hide yourself in Oprah's suitcase.
    Rene from OZ xo

  12. Your post today was very interesting, not that they aren't usually. I can definitely relate to the "even number" thing. Whenever I have to choose numbers, it's always the even ones and usually just up to the eight, and then of course our anniversary date, which is 24.

  13. You are too funny - loved your lists. Okay, I'm not the only one with Psychophobic Syndrome. To this day, I can't watch that movie! Enjoyed the Nats pics!

  14. Thanks for sharing YOU Suzanne. Funny you picked today's post--I have so-o-o many blogs that I follow that today was the day to unfollow some. Although I can't say my 4s would be the same, there is a lot of similarities between us. You are definitely 'a keeper':)

  15. Thanks for sharing yourself, Suzanne. You are funny. I'm with you on some of these. Hope you get to visit all of those neat places. any Island in Hawaii is beautiful. I live on Oahu..
    By the way, I'm reading Driftwood Summer by Patti Callahan Henry from your recommendation. I'm loving it.
    Thanks for a super neat post.


  16. I have a story about Psycho too but don't remember how old I was, I am 55 now so we can all do the math LOL! We also went to the drive in to see the movie and my mother was so freaked out by the movie that when we were leaving she forgot to remove the speaker from the window and drove off with it in the window ...the window shattered.....will NEVER forget that!!

    I think everyone that owns a blog should make the same entry...things you don't know about me...loved all of it!
    the PaperTemptress

  17. Hi Suzanne. I love your lists. I love to hear or read when people that I think of as very mature and sane people has some of the same quirks that I have. lol...I have a thing about perfection myself. It drives my husband insane. I always tell him that he should think of how it makes me feel when I know that nothing can be perfect. I just want it that way. As for your even numbers......WELL,,, we have two children. I know that we had no control over the fact that one is a boy and one is a girl, but I always told my DH that I would never have a third unless he intended to have a forth. I just wanted it even. It's one of my things. Anyway, I am laughing so hard reading your lists. Thanks for sharing. My poor kids can not believe it's their Mom when we are in the Walmart parking lot. What can I say if I want to get irritated I can just drive through there and I am insane in just moments by the pure stupidity of the drivers. I too can not stand anyone putting my children or loved ones at risk. Have a great day tomorrow. Hugs, Lisa G

  18. Hi Suzanne
    I'm with you on the salt and sweet...... i LOVE bananas with crisps (potato chips in the US?)! No one can understand this love - but I will have them together on a sandwich! LOVE IT! Christine x

  19. Those were fun to read. I hate to step on stuff in the ocean too. I am definitely with you on the pet peeves! And I'll be glad to go with you anytime you visit any of those 4 places :)

  20. This was a totally fun post, Suzanne! It had me laughing and agreeing with you as I read through it! It cracked me up to read about your obsession with the pillows. I cannot stand it when the kids (or my hubby!) take the pillows off the couch and throw them on the floor!! Talk about wanting to go nuts!LOL! I'm with you on any of those places you want to go; maybe a stamping trip to some of those would be good!
    One question -- I had the Inkssentials Foam Tool and I like it a lot but I always have a hard time getting my sponging to look even and not have edges. What do you do to make it smooth?

  21. I ABSOUTLEY know how you feel regarding the politics and religion talk! If people start to talk about it I just get up and walk away.

  22. This was fun! I like learning more personal things about the bloggers I follow.

  23. Loved getting the scoop on you in all the different areas, that was fun!!! Must be a creative/stamping thing, but there were quite a few similarities. I guess though, when you get that many areas going, there are bound to be a few commonalities. I knew you were cool, Suzanne!! Have a great rest of the week.....

  24. HE HE HE You cracke me up!!! I learned so much about you then the day i met you lol! OH ME TOO ME TOO I know how to read french but can't speak it lmbo!! I could read and read but have no clue what i'm saying lol! Well some words i do know but not alot LOL!!! Thanks for sharing,It was fun HONESTLY LOL!RubyM:)


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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