Friday, September 4, 2009

Rough & Tumble!!

Happy Friday & Happy Labor Day Weekend (my US friends)!! Yay it's the weekend and a much needed one at that here in the crazy Dean household. Alexa has her 8th grade orientation this morning which she is super excited about for whatever reason--more to see her friends I think, hee hee! Riley did okay yesterday, he had a sick tummy because he was pretty nervous but was impressed with his teachers (for the moment, lol) and has friends in all of his classes. He's most worried about getting his locker open & finding his classrooms--which I think we've all experienced in our lifetimes. I still have dreams pretty often about not remembering my locker combination, not doing homework or wearing my pjs to school, hee hee (now I only wear my pjs in the house & my yard, lmbo!!)! Why do those things stay with us? Crazy I tell ya (or maybe it's just me that's crazy--you wouldn't wanna hear about the wacko movie-like dreams I have)--just ask my hubby cuz' I can scare the daylights out of him when I have one of my nightmares & he's a VERY HEAVY sleeper, so if I can wake him up & scare him that's sayin' something (giggle)! I always said if someone could plug a video camera up to my head at night I would win Oscars for the movies in my head :o) Just another one of "Suzanne's" oddities!! LOL
Alrighty, I gotta get my daughter ready to leave for the weekend--she's off with a friend & her family on a weekend boating trip. Still not sure what we're doing--I'd be happy just bummin' around the house but who knows!!


-Winner of the BOW EASY is Lynn of Millers-Ink Creative Endeavors!! Congrats Lynn! Email me your address so I can get it in the mail to ya ASAP!!

-If you didn't win it you can still buy your own right HERE!! And my how-to video is on my sidebar as well!

-Just wanted to let you all know that after a year & a half of blogging I finally realized how to comment back on the comments you leave me (NO LIE)! I'm so dumb sometimes I crack my ownself up, hee hee---so you will get random emails from me if you leave me a comment on my blog on occasion ok!! Can't believe I never figured it out before but oh well---learn something everyday!! LOL


So today I have a fun boy project for ya--we all struggle with making cute boy cards I know! This cutie pie stamp is "Matthew" from the Victoria Case for SCACD series available HERE at Susana's store! I think he's such a cutie-pie and so reminds me of my son at a younger age always with dinosaurs or something in his hands. Nowadays it's army men and they're all over my family room set up in real battles based on WWII and "mom" is not supposed to move them (hmmpphhh...more like step & trip on them, LOL)! I colored him with Copics and added some diamond glaze to his eyes and blocks! The fun dino dp is by My Mind's Eye (Abbey Road-Stomp) and then I wrapped the dp with some fibers I had in my stash & added a few buttons (always hard to accessorize boys cards w/o making them girlie ya know). The sentiment is from a Lizzie Anne set I have!

This is the first time I've ever made an easel card--but I saw one on SCS awhile back & saved the template knowing I would use it eventually! They're really easy & fun to make--and how much fun are these to receive? The template calls for an actual size of 4x4" but I changed it to 5x5" to make it larger (so dimensions would be 5x10 for the long folded pc and 5x5 for the actual card/image pc)! They have it so you put a brad in the middle of your card so it stands up & doesn't slide down but I used my sentiment for that instead--less invasive if you ask me. So this card folds down flat to 5x5"--love it! You can find the template right HERE!

Here's a closeup of this lil' cutie--dontcha' just love him!! I just wanna squish him, hee hee!

Alrighty, I'm outta here for the weekend! I hope you have a safe, happy & fun weekend ahead of you as well & I'll see ya back here Tuesday! (my house will be quiet again & kids snug in school, hee hee)



  1. way cool card - never saw that before! your coloring is superb on this one my friend!

  2. Oh this stamp is just gorgeous! Would be perfect in my household, cause I have 3 sons! Have a great weekend. Lucky you that it's a long one.

  3. Hi Suzanne,
    Hope you have a great long weekend!
    Love your card and thank you for the link to the easel card direction. I really like it it is different at least I have never seen a easel card. Love it and your coloring!

  4. What a fabby card. The image is just darling and that easel type is genious. TFS.

  5. Hi Suzanne,I just love your card today. I wish we lived closer. Your Riley sounds like my Mitchell (who is in 6th grade). He is really enjoying school, but he has been very worried about PE for some reason. Thinks the teacher is not going to understand him. My poor boy. Anyway have an awesome weekend. I too, am hoping to just have a really laid back G

  6. Super card!
    I love the easel style and of course who could resist a piece of Victoria Case art!
    Have a great weekend, I'm planning to if the weather holds up! All Summer we've had sun, sun, sun and now it's a long weekend and rain is in the forecast.
    Oh well that's the joy of living in TX!

  7. Wow this is a cool boy-card!
    Very funny paper and boy image with dino.Beautiful colours.
    hugs Ula

  8. Great job..he is a cutie. I love the template. Perfect timing for my nephew's bday coming up. Thanks again & again for the ideas & inspiration.

  9. This is just such a boy perfect and it just made me happy!

  10. thank you so much for the bow easy! i will love it! i sent my info to you-just wanted to thank you publicly!

    and thank you for the card template-i've not seen this before.

  11. I just have to tell you that your tutorials are so good. You take the time to show how things are done. I find it so easy to follow your directions.
    Thank you for making these tutorials.


  12. Oh goodness I had the locker combo nightmare for I hope they don't come back after reading this post LOL! So glad you had a "lightbulb" moment with the commenting is always great when you learn a new blogging trick!

  13. Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog! I'm glad you liked her. It really means alot to me coming from you who is so incredible with Copics! :) And I just love the easel card. I think I'm gonna have to try and make one!

  14. love your blog! always enjoy your journaling - AND cards LOL

    how do you comment back? I only know to click on their names but it only takes you to their profile page...please, give me the secret! have searched all over "blog land" and havent yet found how to direct reply to a follower's comment!

  15. Love, love this card and of course, the story to go with it. OMG, I have a 5th grader who is a GI Collector (at least that's what he calls himself). I refuse to go upstairs because there is always a battle going on from WWII (which his era he likes the best). Yes, you cannot walk anywhere without running into one of his 170 (very close guess) and that doesn't include all the vehicles to go along with them. Each are dressed to the T...better than myself.

    Anyway, I found your page on SCS for beginning Copic markers and which are the best to begin with. I'll definitely need Olive Drab colors (LOL). So, do you think I'll get Olive Drab from your list. I'm ready to make the plunge to Copics. Right now I have Prismacolor Markers, but I find that the blending takes a lot of work. I end up sticking with my Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol.

    Thanks for sharing all your tutorials and all your help to beginnings like me.

    Looking forward to starting my investment. That's right I'm a Copic Collector...I just don't have a lot of Copics. LOL

    Sheila from Texas


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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