Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Baby of Mine!! & BLOG CANDY TOO!!

Hello friends & Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather was perfect & warm all weekend which was wonderful! But I tell ya, yesterday about killed me for sure. We spent the day at the pool and my back got fried which I can't figure out cuz' I was sitting in my pool chair the whole time, lol! When we got home I figured I'd just do my (30 Day Shred--Level 3--with Jillian Michaels) since I was already yucky & sweaty, right? WRONG--do NOT attempt to do high level workouts after being out in the sun for hours, YOU WILL PASS OUT!! I sure did anyway & bopped my head real good so now I have a big ole goose egg on my head, scared poor hubby to death, LOL! Then we headed out to dinner & Target later in the evening & came back home when it was dark. I let my doggies out in the backyard & stayed with them to make sure they did their business (so thankful I did) and Baylee (my younger cairn) kept barking & foolin' around. I figured she'd cornered another toad(of which we have many) so I went over to scare it away so she'd leave it along. But lo & behold it WAS A BIG OLE' Copperhead SNAKE--ackkkkkk! I literally almost pooped my pants & had a heart attack at the same time, by this time my other cairn had come over & if you know terriers they'll go after anything! And this snake was MAD--hissing & lurching towards the dogs which wouldn't come to me--so I went over & literally grabbed them both by their scruffs & almost got bit myself & ran. Then I fell & think I might have sprained my left arm/shoulder--its killing me! In my whole life I have never seen a snake in the dark in the middle of our yard, evah--they usually go & sleep when it gets cooler at night. Well this snake chased me across the lawn & it was about 5 ft long--I really think I coulda had a heart attack, cuz' I HATE SNAKES!! What the heck---I mean could my day be anymore dramatic or exciting--I think not!

This is my life folks--stuff like this happens to me ALL THE TIME, just ask any of my family or friends! No calmness for me I guess, hee hee. Well hope I entertained or horrified ya a bit for the day, I'm going off to rest some & probably go get an x-ray of my arm too. Please have a better day than me, hee hee! (And BTW, we never found the snake when we went back out w/ our snake shovel--it musta slithered back into the woods--yucky ole' thing)

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So today I have a sneak peek of the new Whiff of Joy stamps that are coming out on June 14th! This is the "Women's Delight Collection" illustrated by the fabulous Elisabeth Bell--this collection is full of beautiful images that will be perfect for weddings, engagements, new babies and pregnancy! This image above was my favorite because it reminds me of my beautiful Precious Moments figurine that hubby bought me after the birth of our daughter.

I used some of the fabulous "Lullaby" dp by Dream Street Papers & I just adore these colors. The image is colored with Copics (BG10,BG11,BG32,G21,G20,C2,skin tones,E99,Y21) and then I added some Pixie Dust Shimmerz to her dress and the edges of the frame. I cut the image & mat layer out with my Curved Rectangle Nestabilities and added some lovely corner treatments using a corner punch & pearls. I made my own hatpin (love to make these) and tied a bow with some matching aqua ribbon. Isn't this image just a beauty? I love it!
A close-up to show you the Pixie Dust Shimmerz in action--so pretty & soft! I will be having more sneak peeks for you this week, but don't forget to hop around the Whiff of Joy DT's blogs for more fabulous sneak peeks!
Now onto my BLOG CANDY & a huge thankyou for putting me over 200,000 Blog Hits! I can't even believe it--was only a few months ago that I had my 100,000 blog hits candy & here I am again--woohoo! So big thanks for stopping by daily, leaving comments & always being supportive--it touches my heart in many ways & lifts my spirits everyday!! I couldn't have done this without all of you, my fabulous friends!!

So what can you win!! Well let's see:

-1 pack of 8x8 Dovecraft "Hint of Pink" papers
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How Can You Win:
-Answer the following question; since I had such an exciting (NOT) day yesterday "Tell me what your most exciting and humorous day has been in your life?"--I need a good laugh I tell ya'!!

-You have until Friday, June 12th(by midnight EST) to enter this blog candy by answering the above question in the comment section on this post only!! Winner will be picked by

Have a fabulous day!



  1. Hi Suzanne,

    My most exciting day in my life is when my boyfriend told me that there was a possibility that he wanted to marry me. He always said 'no' because he already was married once. But a few months ago he said that maybe we will marry some day. So.. when that day comes thát will be my most exciting day. But for now: I am happy with this announcement of him! ;)

    with love from Holland,

  2. Ok, Suzanne, I will be the first person to share my little moment. Not sure if it's funny to you, but it is funny to my sisters and my parents.

    My parents lived with my 105th year old grandma and my dad is on oxygen tanks most of the time when he goes out. One day, my parents went to my sis for dinner. My dad needed an extra tank to last him for extended hours of oxygen, but forgot to bring it with him, so he told me to get it for him from his house. When I arrived to his house, I rang the door bell and was hopeing my grandma would open the door for me, but she couldn't hear it. I bang and bang on the door, and she still wasn't able to hear me due to her old age. I then used my cell phone to call in. Luckily my grandma heard the phone this time. During our phone conversation, I said hello to her and asked her to open the door. Guess what? She couldn't even hear a word I said. After good 5 minutes with her on the phone tried to ask her to get the door open for me, she finally said to me "I couldn't hear you now, why don't you call me a little later." I thought if she couldn't hear me now, why would she hear me later???? After hang up with her, I heard her walked out from her room, so I bang on the door again. This time, she heard the door, so she opened the door for me. I told her that I was stood by the door for a long time and was banging on the door, but she couldn't hear me. She said to me "Oh yes, of course, I was talking on the phone with someone." I told her that I was the "someone". Sigh........

    It was quite funny to think back, but not when I was standing by my grandmas door for a good 1/2 hour though! My 105th old grandma moved into a nursing home since March this year, but she is quite healthy and cute.


  3. Looove that card!!

    Okay - the funniest day I can remember on top of my head, is the evening we saw Jeff Dunham in Copenhagen, in Paril this year. He was hilarious (as was "guitar guy" and the dolls) and we had the BEST day ever, just because we were all lookign forward to it so much - we laughed al the way there, all the way home & of course during the show...

    My stomach hurt SO bad the next day - I never kjnew I had THAT many muscles in there...!! ;)

  4. Hi Suzanne
    Your card is beautiful.
    My wedding day was, until the birth of my 2 children, my most exciting day - and also one of the funniest. The weather was sooooooo windy and blowy and after we had married we had some photo's taken. The photographer had to pin my wedding dress down to the ground to stop the wind from getting underneath and blowing me up in the air!! Everytime he pinned it down the wind took hold of it and blew the pins out. I ended up looking like a bell tent with stakes all around the hem of my dress. I think he had visions of Mary Poppins in a wedding dress LOL

  5. Hi Suzanne, great candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I link the candy on my blog.
    I am from germany and my english is not the best but i laugh all day with my kids and husband.
    Hugs Andrea

  6. This is an interesting question. My life, like yours it seems, is always full of crazy and exciting things. It's hard to pick just one but I will try. Now the birth of my children were definitely the most exciting days with wild stories but I think that I will choose a different one.

    I am a bus driver which means that I take my kids to work with me. They are pros at riding the bus. They start at around 3 weeks old. When my little one was three I drove a group of senior citizens and special needs students to the circus. On the way home my youngest announces that he has to go to the bathroom. Now mind you, he has just gone in the last 15 minutes. I try to sooth him and get him to play with the bag of toys he brought for this reason. Nothing works. He wants mommy and he wants mommy NOW! So what does he do to get my attention? He stands up in the front seat and pees everywhere! Now, can we sit around in wet clothes? No way, so he proceeds to get naked. I almost died. I had to pull over at the next rest stop, clean him up and scrub the bus. It was awful. I just wanted to ground to open up and swallow me. Looking back it's pretty funny now. My friends and hubby definitely thought it was funny!

    Thanks for the great blog candy and congrats on your 200,000 posts.

  7. Hi Suzanne, great candy! Thanks for the chance to win. I link the candy on my sidebar.
    The most ridiculous day - I was 10 years old. I'm and my mum have gone to a zoo, I wanted ice-cream, mum took a purse near a cage with monkeys.
    The monkey has stolen a purse!!! It in a cage, we outside - many people have come to look - the worker of a zoo runs on a cage, jumps near a tree - wishes to catch a monkey. It was cheerful...
    Excuse for my bad English.
    Welcome to my blog -
    Thanks again

  8. My most exciting and humorous day was the day I got the keys to my house. My very own house that I bought all by myself!! The first thing I was going to do was take out the linoleum floors and my dad showed up with a FLAMETHROWER to melt out the floors! He figured it would get the job done quicker than a heat gun and a chipper!!!

  9. Thanks for the chance to win this great candy! My story isn't all that exciting, but it is funny to me so I hope you get a giggle. A couple of Christmases ago my husband was outside hanging lights on our house. He does not like this job much, but was finishing up. I was in the kitchen where I could see out to him. We use a remote to turn the lights on and off so I got a mean streak and decided to use the remote while he was messing with the lights. It was hilarious to watch him trying to figure out why the lights were going off and on! He would fidget with some bulbs and they would come on then a couple of seconds later go off again. I was laughing so hard he looked up to see me in the window and I held up the remote - he was not amused! Actually we both had a good laugh from it and he was just glad the lights were not messed up after all!

  10. Hi Suzanne, just stopped by to see your WoJ card (which is gorgeous!) but just wanted to say . . Sounds like you had one heck of a day, hope you are o.k now! best not do anything too strenuous today, you don't want to tempt fate again :D be careful now! Hugs, Fran x

  11. hello suzanne - a very nice blog you have.. congrats to sooo many hits...

    well, one of my funiest stories is this one:

    my little one just turned 5 yrs.. and because of the fact that i don´t need much time to sleep i stay up quite late.. so a couple of weeks back i was sitting on the sofa, it must have been about 1 in the morning when i realized my little one standing in the door-frame - staring at me.. so i looked at him and asked him if everything was ok.. he looked at me and said yes he would be okay but if he could sleep in MY bed.. i answered that he could do so but what was wrong with HIS room... he looked at me, with his hands in his hip and answered like a big boy: well mom - MY room is well too EXPENSIVE!!!
    the way he stood there - it was just amazing...
    i burst out laughing... and this was the latest funny experience i had with my little one... hope you enjoyed it too...

    take care
    xoxo bianca

  12. Well, Suzanne, like you my days always seems to be filled with "excitement". My fiance always says wherever I go it is never a dull moment! This past Saturday night we took the kids to a local southwest restaurant that is located near a Shopping Strip Mall and we noticed there were several cranes and bull dozers and other construction equipment near the front of one of the most recently closed stores. After we finished eating, of course we wanted to be nosey and go see what they were doing. The bulldozers were literrally tearing off the face of the front of this one store but leaving the rest of the entire mall and store intact. Although that is not really exciting at all, except for young children that like to see bulldozers in action, all I kept sitting there thinking was "If someone would have told me 15 years ago that the "highlight" of my Saturday night would have been sitting in a mall parking lot watching a bulldozer tear down a wall, I would have told them they were crazy! LOL

  13. I really can't think of anything about me right now. I'm still LMBO about you! The sunburn, passing out, pooping in your pants.....OH MY!! I know that I left stuff out. Thanks for sharing you with all of us

  14. Suzanne awesome candy and congratulations on hitting such a fantastic number of hits. I find myself talking to one of my cats daily because lately he has been very needy and wants my attention. And every day after a conversation with him I need to remind myself that he is deaf and can't hear me. I chuckle after I do this because it so reminds me of talking to DH while he is absorbed in the TV.

    thanks much

  15. yikes.... your day sounded eventful. Your snakes story reminded me of this day..

    One day in 2003 I was living in Miami at the time and a gecko came into our apartment. It was standing my the front door. I grabbed my son who was 2 at the time and we both climbed onto the table. We stayed there for 2 hours till my husband came home. When my knight in shinning armor finally arrived he freaked out... lol and practically sat with me on the table. Instead he grabed a tennis ball and tried to hit the wall next to the gecko so the little guy would run out the door. Imagine me now standing on the table shouting "don't hit him", my son clapping and my husband trying to hit a wall and not hit the intruder. lol. Well the story does end well, after many hits to the wall the gecko finally walked out. I am sure he thought we where all just crazy..... lol

    Thanks for sharing your day with us and for the blog candy you are giving. It is really nice.

  16. My most exciting day must have been when I went into labour with my daughter. I started labour on New Year's Eve but wasn't too bothered until the pain got worse as the evening progressed. By half 11 had had enough so got my bags packed ready for the hospital. Just as we got into the car fireworks started to go off and we had totally forgot what the day was, we quickly wished each other a Happy New Year and hastily drove to the hospital which my daughter Seren was born at 11.18am New Years Day 2005.

    We will never forget this.

    Thanks for a great opportunity to win some fantastic candy.

    Jayne xx

  17. hello

    your blog is very nice..

    the card with the new woj stamp ist beautiful..

    thanks for the candy..

  18. OH My Suzanne!!! What a horrifying end to an exhausting day!!!! Hope everything goes well with your shoulder...

    Well I have a few...funny that they all should seem to involve my children! LOL...but the one I will share is..."The camping trip from HELL-O"!!! It was 2 weeks after we bought our house. "We" (DH) had already planned a week long camping trip to a favorite park up in Door County WI.**please note, I just wanted ato stay in my new home and enjoy it** Well, let's see...if it wasn't the rain, or misquito's, or the biting lake flies that chased us through the woods back to our van, or the chain that fell off the small two wheeled bike my 5 year old was riding--downhill at the time--huge goose egg smack dab in the middle of his forehead, or the sheer exhaustion from cooking over a fire pit and washing dishes in well water...what took the cake was the near TENT FIRE!!! We were sitting by the campfire one night with another family we had gone with, when we were talking about all the "funny" things that happened that week, when my hubby turned to look towards our tent which he had lit a propane (spelling?)tank inside so it would take out the dampness from the inside cause by all the rain. When I looked at him, his eyes grew huge! We all turned and looked at our tent and it was GLOWING!!! Seems a large flame shot out of the tank, threatening to burn the whole darn thing down! He ran for the tent...I ran for the fire extinguisher that we had in our bet...I take that huge thing along when I go anywhere with this family--for this very reason!!! Long story--not so short--nothing burned down, and thankfully no one was in the tent at the time. Large drinks were had back at the campfire and lots of laughing insued!! It still amazes me that all happened. Good times though! good thing there weren't any snakes...I would have had to be taken to the "looney bin". That would have done me in!

    Hope today goes better for you!


  19. Hi Suzanne,

    LOVE the hatpin!!!! Lovely card also ;), beautiful colours.

    Not a whole day but a funny godson got some little fish and the next day one died. My mother told him he could flush him through the toilet ore trow it in the water (they live next to the river). He wanted to trow the little fish in the water because when it came alive again it could swim! With a tea strainer he pulled the fish out of the water and trow it with a big direct swing. But that went a little wrong, he swung too far and the fish landed on his forehead. We rolled of our chair laughing but my nephew started to cry! It was so funny!!

    Hope you had a smile on your face readin this (exuces my bad English).

    Sunny regards, Renata

  20. Suzanne...what a day!! My word! I can't remember a day that I had that was even half as weird as your day...must live a boring life! But if I had to pick one, there was a day where my son litterally bounced from one activity to another almost taking us to the ER a few times...wrapping a play phone around his neck, jumping on his bed and biting his tonge, getting cutting his shirt with sissors...I can't remember what else, but I was glad when the day was over!
    I hope that snake doesn't come back...that would scare me to death. A little girl in my neighborhood was bit by a pygme rattle snake 3 times last week and was in the hospital for 4 days receiving 2 rounds of anti-venom!!

    Awesome card, too! I can't wait to get mine :-)

  21. Hmmm, my most exciting day was probably my wedding day, or at least that was the most frantic day. My most humorous day was probably the same as my most embarrassing day. I used to work in a small, southern town that has a courthouse in the center of a traffic circle. Every day at lunch, my co-workers and I would go walk up the street to eat somewhere, always walking around the courthouse. One day we were coming back, taking our same route, when I suddenly turned my ankle in a small dip in the sidewalk and just completely fell down. Since we were walking like ducks in a row, the next person fell on top of me, then next person fell on her, and so on. We had a four person pile up in the middle of the sidewalk during the busiest traffic of the day. People in their cars were slowing down to look at us and honking the horns. I ended up with a sprained ankle and the girl directly behind me hurt her shoulder, but afterwards, we got a good laugh about it.

    Connie K.

  22. The most exciting and humourous day in my life was the day my first daughter was born. When we took our pre-natal classes, I told the instructor I thought that everyone else in the class was taking things too seriously (or perhaps we weren't taking them seriously enough).

    Thankfully, my labour was rather easy, so my full wits were about me when my daughter was born. It was finally time for my hubby, who had promised to cut the umbilical cord (even 'though he is deathly afraid of all things medical), to make good on his word. I could see how nervous he was with the surgical shears and when he sucked up the courage to make the cut, I let out a great big yelp. The whole room when quiet and hubby turned a gorgeous shade of pale green. I broke the silence with the giggle I'd been holding under my breath and everyone started laughing.

    Our nurse said she'd been delivering babies for over 20 years and *KNEW* there was no way that it could have hurt, but I even caught her off guard. She though it was so hilarious that she told the other maternity nurses about my gag, and I had plenty of them visit me to congratulate me on making the "best delivery of the year" (it was only January 19th, so hopefully they got more laughs...)

    (I had a good giggle at the other posts here, so thanks for starting my Monday morning off with a smile!)

  23. Hmmm, had to think a while...But I think I had the most fun on a summer day few years back. I have two golden retrievers. The other one was just a puppy then and we were enjoying the gorgeous hot day outside on the terrace. The two goldies were playing on the grass and suddenly the pup just started running around our tiny yard...through my flowers, under the terrace fence (made a "clong" sound everytime), through the flower bench, under the terrace fence... and this went on a while.. every time the pup went under the wood fence you could here the most horrible noices but he didn't mind!!! Just running around being a happy little pup!! And we laughed....!!! That's just one incident among others..they goldies bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. =D Hope you can picture it!

    Thanks for the chance. Love your work! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  24. HI Suzanne, I love your candy it´s amazing. I come from germany and it´s heard for me to write in english. But I love it to laught and I have great moments in my life.

    Big greetings from germany

  25. One of my most exciting days was just relived yesterday. My nephews first birthday was yesterday and we all got to talking about waiting until 3 am for him to get here. I have to say waiting for someone else to have a baby is much better than having your own. It was exciting to have my own babies but much less painful waiting for my baby sister to do it, plus I got to sleep after ;)

  26. Congrats! I can't think of anything funny if this knocks me out that is ok.

  27. OMGoodness! I HATE snakes too! Glad none of you were bitten!!!

    Ok, I have a snake story and like you I almost messed my pants! Ha!

    One night after coming home from church I got out of my car and proceeded up the stairs to my front door and mind you I do not have a covered porch, I have trees that hover over my steps and front door. We have little green frogs that like to hang out by our porch light for their dinner. As I was admiring my "little froggy friends" I had keys in hand and was standing on my top step. I opened the screen door and was about to put the key into the hole and a SNAKE dropped right in front of me within an inch of my feet! I did a shout out for ALL the neighbors to hear!!! After I saw that snake drop I looked down and I KNOW it was about 3 1/2- 4 ft long! Talking about being anxious!!! It was then I realized that while my "lil froggy friends" like to hang out and eat bugs, snakes apparently like to hang out in trees to eat frogs!!! It scared me to death!!! Needless to say my husband was cutting down tree limbs the very next day! And I ALWAYS look up in the trees BEFORE walking out onto my steps! :)

    BTW... Your card is VERY beautiful!!! LOVE the stamp, LOVE the colors you used... LOVE everything about it!

  28. First I must tell you you've made a gorgeous card. Your coloring really is great, with all these sparkling details. Love it and love your color combination.
    Now to candy :) Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win.
    When I was a fresh driver quite some years ago, with my first car Renault 4, I took my two girlfriends with their three children to a trip to Bled. It's a small town with a lake and an island with a church. Rain catch us and we were going home, when a tire broke down on a motorway. No one has stopped to help us, so we changed it by ourselves. Laughed a lot by doing it for the first time. When we drove further, rain stopped, so I wanted to open a window at drivers door. The whole window with rails just fell off while I was driving. I just pulled off, we went out and could not stopped laughing. It was just too much for one day. But it was a good trip, we still like to remember it :)

  29. Super CAndy! This is a tough question. My kids really keep me laughing, so I think everyday is really funny. My 2 year old son recently started singing and it is so cute and really funny!

  30. One of the funniest moments I recall of my little old Italian grandmother (who could mangle the English language like there's no tomorrow - God Bless her)...anyway...she had fallen down and broke her ankle. She called me and told me "Mr. Mike" (her man friend) took her to the hospital to get X-RATED! She made him leave the room so he wouldn't make a SCENERY!

  31. wow suzanne that must have been horrefiing for you yesterday! wow a snake in your back jard. juck!

    my coworked had a good laugh over me the other day.this is what you first need to know. in the back of the store i have a trolly filled with old sales. and every once in a whale a sale is back on, on some products. so something was on sale ( that i hada a pile of in the back at the bottem of a trolly )and i didn't had it in my chelves and she told me sombody was lookin' in the back, and i immidiatly tough..... holy ***** if she doesn't take those on the bottem of the trolly!!!!!
    and i rann to the back like a mad woman! and i looked around, and no one was there, my co worder almost crapped herself laughing! se said, if you could only see the look on you'r face when you rann of......just histiracle. it took here like 10 minutes to stop laughin. and a little while later i laughed about it to, it was just way to funny to see. gues you had to be there to see, just like with you'r snake, you had to be there to see


  32. Congratulations with the 200.000 hits on your blog. It is a gorgeous candy, I hope for luck so I keep my fingers crossed.
    This is my story: My grand daughter Britta became 4 years old on April 13th. From her parents she received the game-computer WII, she likes bowlen the most and she succeed to throw one strike after another. It it so cute to seen her doing that, she swings her arm backwords and jumps in the air. Her parents need to take care for enough space around her, but they didn't. So it happened: with the swing of her arm she took a cup of hot choclate that became on the wall. The wall was white but now no longer. Inspite of the mass we all need to laugh, only Britta she was crying.
    My english is not so good, I hope it is to reed. Kind regards Anneke.
    By the way: thanks for the instructing copic video's.

  33. Your card is beautiful, as always! I think you'd better stay in and stamp today, but don't use your heat gun or any sharp objects!

    Here's my exciting/humorous story:

    We had just moved back to CO from AZ, and our house had a nest of yellow jackets up in the roof somewhere, and I kept getting stung. Once when I put my arm in my coat, and another time, I can't even remember, but I know I had been stung twice. Then, in the middle of the night, I felt a sting. This made me mad, because I was never doing anything but minding my own business, and I kept getting stung, no one else, just me! So I reached over and whacked DH. "Get up! I've been stung again!" He gets up to turn on the light, I'm still in bed. Then I hear DH make a really odd strangled, horrified type noise. "Get up!", he starts screaming. "It's a scorpion!" So I get up and start jumping around the room, and DH is beating our bed to death with a shoe. He kept shouting at me to go to the bathroom, like he thought there was some miraculous scorpion sting remedy just sitting on the counter in there! We slept the rest of the night in the LR, as I refused to go back to our BR. The scorpion was not one of the terribly poisonous ones, and the sting was actually less painful and went away much quicker than a yellow jacket sting. Talk about a rude awakening, though!

  34. Oh I hope you are alright....your day was very eventful indeed. I couldn't help but to laugh while reading about it. My days are full of eventful see I am the mother of 2 boys..LOL!! One that thinks he is spider man and will climb anything. One funny thing that comes to mind is when I was beginning to try and potty train my youngest recently. He for some reason does not want to wear training pants at I thought alright I will just let him go without any pants on for awhile. So I had the potty chairs out and we were making accidents..till, we were both coloring when out of nowhere he bolted! I thought Oh this can't be good so I went to look for him. When I found him he was sitting in a plastic drawer he had emptied prior in the day going potty. I just had to laugh!! It was so funny. I let him finish then showed him where his potty chair was again..LOL!! I thought it was too cute and funny. Hope you have a great day today!! Hugs, Jenn K

  35. Hi,

    congratulations with a fantastic hit number.
    And thank you for the chance of winning this fantastic blogcandy.

    I can not remember so many things about myself right now....but I do remember some years ago:

    I had a beautiful black and white wild cat. My friend and I thougt it would be nice if we could catch a fish or two to this little thing.So we got our gear and of we went..............the thing we did not think about before catching the first fish was that both of us was absolutely not gonna touch the fish wiht our bare hands. We did not have anything to use so we could get the fish of the hook so we tried smashing it into some rocks to get it of the hook...after a while doing this the fish fell of and we were quite happy with ourselves at this point. I turned around to pick up the bucket to put the fish in and when I turned back again the fish was gone. My little cat has stolen the fish - the little thief :D The only thing we could do was to watch her run of and hide with the fish.....well she might have liked it better when cooked but what the heck, I think she was happy about the outcome anyhow.

    I have a few other stories about the cats I have had during my life, but I think this will have to do for now.

    You are welcome to visit my blog if you feel the urge :D

    Have a nice day.


  36. CONGRATS!! I've been a follower of your blog for a while and you definitely deserve the 200k visits! :)

    Last night was a humorous event at our house. My youngest LOVEs her veggies. I had cut up celery and carrots for part of our dinner and she only had one left to eat. She's trying to eat fast to get finished so she can have desert (yes, she says it like that!) and we hear "OW!" She wasn't paying attention and was trying to eat her thumb! LOL!

  37. As I read your story about the snake chasing you across the yard, I was actually scared for you. Even though you wrote the post and so you had obviously come through it okay. I live in Florida and so I have seen my share of those hideous things -- even two inside my house. I caught one slithering underneath my front door while I was getting my little girl ready to go out for the day and all I can say is THANK GOD my husband was home. He opened the front door and pushed it out with a broom. Don't get me started about the huge grotesque spiders! Anyway, I hope you aren't seriously injured and don't have any nightmares!
    The most exciting thing that has ever happened is the birth of my children. The funniest thing is really hard. One little funny thing that my brother and I did once was when my older sister had come home from a date and she and her date started to have a goodnight kiss -- we were in an upstairs bedroom in the dark with the window open spying on them. We got a bucket of water and threw it out the window on the guy and shouted "put out the fire!". My sister was laughing (but trying to hide it) and then came it and told my parents. When we were called downstairs to be talked to, my parents couldn't stop laughing long enough to lecture us so we never got in trouble! Just a fond childhood memory.
    Have a great day and thinks for the candy!

  38. O my gosh, it has to be the day my sister took me to my first stamp show, over five years ago. I was so excited that when we got out of the car I realized that I still had my house slippers on! We laughed until we were crying, still talk about it until this day!

    Congrats on your 200K hit! Love your blog!

  39. Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

    here is my funny story:
    one day, afew month ago it was very early at the morning and the postmand come to leave a card so I had to open the door. Well as it was early I was in pijama and I forgot to dress me... so i went to opend the door in pijamas.. it was so funny because the postman didnt know how to tell me that I was wearing my pijama XD

    Here is my blog.



  40. what fun blog candy! I cant even think of what my most exciting and humorous day has been! hahaha. Everyday is exciting and very humorous in this house! Um...
    yeah my brain in fried. I dont know. hahahahahahahaha.

  41. One day my husband & I stopped at a shopping mall before visiting my favorite stamp store. I tried on some clothes, made a purchase then we went back on the road to my stamp store. As I browsed the ailes my husband walks in, takes one look at me & says.."your shirt is inside out!" I'm like..WHAT?? Sure enough, the shirt label was dangling on the outside. The inside of the top was a similar pattern but if you looked closely you could tell that it was inside out. Anyway, embarrassed, I ran to the restroom to "fix" it. Oh my gosh, the stamp store was full of shoppers..I wonder how many people looked at me & thought.. look at that crazy stamper with her shirt inside out! hehe. So now I'm extra careful when I go clothes shopping, making sure I'm dressed correctly before I walk out of the dressing room. Wise advise to self!

  42. Suzanne, you sure had a very eventful day. My day is not as exciting or scary as yours. This just happened yesterday for me. I am an administrator/chaperone for my daughter's soccer team and we are going to University of Idaho soon. I called a team/parents meeting yesterday to give them information. When I sat down on my chair at the park I just toppled over, slow motion, as I was on a hill. So embarrassing, but it was a good laugh had by all, including me.

    I also want to say I love all your cards and I sure learn a lot from your blog. Please keep up the great work. I am glad your doggies are okay. Living in Hawaii we don't have snakes, but we have to watch out for toads since they are poisonous. I have two black labbies and they are the loves of my life. My 2 legged kids always tell me I love lab babies more than them... :>


  43. My days are obvioulsy not as exciting as your's are. What a day you had and if they are all like that I would be worn out before I got out of bed. LOL! So since I can't top the excitement I'm going for humourous. When my 26 year old daughter was little we used to walk to the grocery store for exercise and to get out of the house. It wasn't very far. One day my Dad was visiting we decided to walk to the store. We were nearing the store when my daughter walked right into a pole, turned to it and said, "Oh excuse me!" I thought my Dad would fall over from laughing so hard. Thanks for the cahnce to win such great blog candy. Hope your day today is a little less exciting and that your arm/shoulder isn't hurting anymore.

  44. Your card is stunning. I love that image! I really don't think I could think of my most exciting day. I have a 2 year old at home and she keeps things fun & exciting most days!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I need your autograph. I am sure your heart is just overflowing. Sorry you had such an eventful weekend, but I am so glad you and your babies are ok!!

    The funniest moment that comes to mind is the beach day on our cruise a few years back. My hubby & I were with a group on a jetski & we had to be at the front of the we were going FAST. Well he turned the jet ski one way & we flew off the other way & did we fly. He was so shocked it just cracked me up all day, not to mention he lost his brand new Oakley sunglasses in the ocean outside of Haiti. Note to self: take cheap sunglasses on any & all jet ski rides. They can get lost even with the neck strap!

  46. Hi Suzanne,
    Perhaps you needed to be there to appreciate this one. While on vacation several years ago, my husband, two daughters and I decided to rent some Paddle Boats. Now, you have to know that my DH knows nothing about boating - NOTHING. Upon arriving on the dock where our rentals were waiting my husband proceeded to untie one of the boats. He stepped onto it with one foot and immediately it began to move away from the dock. Being the quick thinker that he is he promptly stepped back onto the dock, but reached out to grab the boat. With great effort he managed to coax the boat closer to the dock using both hands. Once again the boat started "out to sea". There he was suspended over the water, hands on boat, feet on dock! Pulling with all his might now, his rear rising sharply above his hands and feet, kind of like a jackknife, this dance continued, up and down, belling just grazing the water each time. Finally, laughing hysterically, I came to his aid and pulled the boat close enough to the dock that he could let go and pull himself to the dock. Amazingly he only got a small part of his tummy wet, but boy the next day was he ever stiff. I laughed so hard for days afterwards, but he's a good sport and laughed with me. Where is the camera when you need it???

  47. Take care of yourself, Suzanne! Beautiful card and thanks for the chance at the candy.

    The funniest thing I can think of is when my mother and I were going to do a home project and went to the store to get a bag of cement. It was a small bag but the guy at the store loaded it into my car for us. When we got home we went to pick up the bag of cement but it wouldn't budge. It was so small but so heavy. Both of us were trying to move this small bag of cement and then we started to get the giggles. Imagine two grown women laughing and trying to pick up a small bag out of the back of a car. We kept trying to stop laughing but we almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard!

  48. My Most happiest/exciting day of my life was probably the day I moved out of my moms house, after 3 1/2 years of sleeping on the couch bed with my spouse and baby and 2 other kids in the bedroom finally being able to get on our feet 1 year ago this month. That was very exciting to be moving to a house..although we are just renting it was still very exciting.. irony in this story.. looks like I might be moving back to the couch... *sigh*

  49. "Tell me what your most exciting and humorous day has been in your life?"

    Was the day that my new baby girl had just arrived home from the hospital like the day before and an older man who was our neighbor came over to see her. I wasn't paying very good attention to our young son (2 1/2 years old) and he went into the bathroom trashcan and brought out a used maxipad and unrolled it and stuck it to the kitchen floor. Right in front of this neighbor, I about DIED!

  50. What great blog candy! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

    One night I came home late and entered the house through the garage. Just as I entered the back door I realized that I had just passed a skunk in the garage. We were within a foot of each other. When I got in the house I could barely speak..."uh, uh, I just passed a skunk in the garage". My hubby almost passed out laughing at me. He said my eyes were as big as saucers. I have always wondered if that skunk was as surprised as I was.

  51. What a great question! I'm enjoying reading everyone's answer.

    My funniest day has to be my wedding day. We got married on Monday, July 5. Since the 4th had been on Sunday, the little town that we were to be married in held their 4th of July parade on the 5th. We ended up getting behind the parade. A police officer felt so sorry for us, he gave us a blue light escort to the church, but only at the end of the parade. It was difficult to tell where the parade ended and regular traffic began. With all of us in our wedding finery, many of the spectators thought we were part of the parade!! They kept waving and cheering as we went past--- right up to the steps of the church!!

    Thanks for the candy and the laugh!

  52. Hi Suzanne, congrats on the huge hits!
    My funniest thing was when I was younger, I went with my friend for shopping, it was winter and a lot os snow. Ice was everywhere, so we were going very slow. But of course oout side of the shop mall were some guys and we pretending we are models, and in that moment i fall, and grabed my friend and she falled too. The guys were laughing, I wanted to cry, but did the laught anyway.
    Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy! Hugs, moni

  53. Congrats on your 200,000 hits!! My funny story occurred while on a hike in the forest with my hubby and 3 kids. My hubby thought he was being cute and told us on the way into the forest to watch out because there were black bears in the area. Well needless to say as we were hiking along the kids got curious and would stop and look at things along the way and I would stop to look for them & tell the to keep up. Well one time I turned around to see where my oldest daughter was and I started screaming because I saw a "Black Bear" and not my daughter. Well it turns out she was the bear. She had on a black sweatshirt and pants and had bent down to look into a hole to see what was in there and her dark hair fell forward and at first glance she looked like a small bear. They laughed at me the whole day and kept yelling out, look out for the bear!

  54. Oh My Gosh Suzanne, I hope that you are doing okay!!
    Here's my funny story. Hope it makes you laugh. I had to laugh when it happened, because I would of cried the whole time. LOL!!
    Last year, my parents gave us their 20 year old motor home, which is in very good condition, but they hadn't used for a while. So my husband and I decided we were going to take it on our trip to Oregon. We did all the necessary checks before we left. BUT, here goes. . . 1st of all we had a flat tire (that's not so bad!!) Well, then the toilet broke.
    Now, we can't use the water. Then it starts to rain a little on our trip - Oh dear, there's a leak in the roof!! And here is the leak. . . in closet where all the clothes are. What else could go wrong, you say. Well, My little Rat Terrier, Woody was stung by a wasp on his tongue and we are in a little town that the streets roll up at 5pm. Poor little guy, his neck swelled up so big. I was so afraid. We rushed and unhooked the motor home to go to the vet's office that we noticed when we were driving into town. The microwave that we had on the table was sliding all over the place. When we got there, of course the vet wasn't there, so we tried calling him, but no answer!! We finally decided to give Woody Baby Benadryl and put an ice pack on him. I couldn't sleep that night. The next day, he was back to his old self!! Thank God!! Finally, we are on our way home. I'm praying the whole time, please God, let us get home safely!! There were a few other things that happen though. This trip is one that I will always remember!!
    Congratulations on your 200,000 hits!! Hugs Suzan

  55. Hi Suzanne
    I can't think of anything funny or exciting about me.I have read all the stories and compared to everyone else my life seems pretty boring...LOL..Love your story..I think I would have pooped my pants as well...LOL...Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy and congratulations on your 200,000 hits. The card is beautiful.

  56. Congrats Suzanne on your 200,000 hits ! Just awesome . Love your creations. I can think of a couple really funny stories but they are a mile long so I better not type them here !

  57. Congrats on all of those blog hits...WOW! 200,000 you are a popular girl :)
    My days are all pretty humorous and exciting since I have a 3 year old :) But I guess I'd have to say one of the most exciting and humorous was my first trip to Ireland in 2002, it was VERY exciting and we had a great time and laughed for 9 days straight!

  58. Wow. Fabulous candy to celebrate your huge number of hits. Very well deserved as your work is fabulous. My most exciting day would have to be the day my son was born. I couldn't wait to finally meet him as I had waited a long time to get pregnant. I was pushing for over 2 and a half hours with the midwifes repeatedly telling me that he was nearly here and that they could see him! I'm not the best at waiting for things at times and those two and half hours felt like an eternity. He was so worth the wait!

    I have posted a link to your candy in my sidebar. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  59. What a stunningly beautiful card! It's just so breathtaking. And this mother and baby reminds me of one of the most exciting days of my life - the day my granddaughter Allie was born, last July 9th. My daughter waited until I got within sight of the hospital to start pushing and didn't really have any complications with the labor. The put Allie down and started to clean her up and I was the first voice to whisper into her sweet precious ear, "Hello, gorgeous. I'm your Nana and I'm going to love you for all of your life and mine." She got really quiet and was trying to find my voice and she waited for just a moment and then screamed like a wild thing in the jungle! They cleaned her up a bit and then I got to be the first person to hold her other than the nurses and doctors. I got to present her to her mother. Oh, what a day of excitement that was for me! And your beautiful, serene mother and baby just takes me back to that moment.

    Congrats, my dear friend, on reaching 200,000 hits! Now on to 300,000! What a ride!

    Hugs to you,


  60. Stunning card fabulous colours and detail xxxx hugs Dawnxxx
    congrats on all your hits xx

  61. Fab candy! Thanks for the chance to win. There are so many super funny interactions between my son and our cat going on here every day. I really can't explain, but I'm laughing every single day at their funny reactions to one another.
    Hugs /Hanna N

  62. Oh wow you did have a great day eh ;) My day would have been a whole week actually! It started with my breaking my wrist 5 mins before my band was to play onstage, then 2 days later falling down the stairs and tearing all the ligaments in my arm, and a couple days after that falling down the stairs and getting a concussion! Really i am not a clutz just a bad week i guess!! lol

  63. I really cant think of anything too terribly exciting.. im sure I have stories, but nothing popping into mind. Im always having blonde moments, i cant spell.. thats always getting me into trouble.. esp. when i make easter cards for my neices and easter bunny looks like easter pooney.. lol.. it was interesting to answer the questions on that one.
    I have been following your blog for months now.. so inspiring..

    I did want to suggest this snake product called snake away.. you sprinkle it around your yard, house, where ever you dont want the snakes. we have a few snakes here, and this was what we were told to buy.

    Congrats on the 200,000 mark. You're awesome.

  64. Hi Suzanne! I am still in awww over the day that you had, I sure hope that you are okay! I have never had a run in with a snake but I have had a bird come in my house. You see one day we heard this strange sound at our back door, it was just my kids and myself home at the time and my son went and opened the door to see what it was. Well apparently the window on the screen door (which I had asked my husband to fix many times) did not close right at the time and a bird (one of those little chickadees) flew into the open window and was caught in between the doors. So when my son opened the door the bird flew into our house and was flying around like mad (probably morre stressed than we were at the time) my son feaked out, my daughter was freaking out and to make it no easier so was I. The bird flew off into the house somewhere and I had no idea where it went, and now it is time for us to leave on a bus run (I'm a school bus driver) so I raced upstairs and closed all of the bedroom doors, thinking that the bird is up there somewhere and we leave. When we come home I slowly opened the door, carefully casing out each room and I can't find the bird anywhere. I thought that maybe it exhausted itself and died by trying to get out and fell behind my dresser or something (which I am definitely going to leave for my husband to check when he gets home). An hour goes by, now I am making supper. I am opening up cupboard doors in the kitchen and low and behold the bird comes flying down from uptop of my cupboards in the kitchen and starts flying around my house again. Anyways the time of year was fall and so I had leaf decorations ontop of my cupboards and that is where it fell asleep until I woke it with all of the noise. It finally went back up there and later that evening when my hubby came home he finally chased it out of the house. Yes I would have to say that it was definitely my most exciting day :) I laugh now, but I didn't that day.

  65. My most exciting and humorous day wasn't really humorous at the time. I donated blood & thought I was invincible so I walked up 2 flights back to my cube. Never did make it cuz I blacked out and hit my head, went to the ER to get stitches. Now it's a running joke when there's a blood drive at work. :-P

  66. Love the card- and a nice candy!

    You have to smile just because u have a chance.. think of people who can not any more ... :(

    Since I want to make you smyle:
    my grandma and my father allway compete who will have bigger tomates or early red tomatoes.
    Since granma was winnig couse she already had big green tomates on, father was desperate, didn't know what to do.... finally went to the market, brought red tomatoes, and glued them onto a tomato plant, so percisely, nobody notised... and called the grandma to come to coffee... and off course showed her his red tomatoes and won ;-)
    The fact is, nobody new it for weeks that he has bought tomatoes ;-)
    Hope you had at least a little smiley on your face...

  67. Wow hun what an exciting life you leade he!he!. Hope your shoulder is feeling a bit better now. Love this wonderful card that shimmer is beautiful have never heard of that Pixiedust before it is beautiful
    Hugs Jacqui x

  68. Congratulations Suzanne on 200,000 hits to your blog - that blows my mind! I hope you are OK today after your terrible fall and scare by the snake!!

    The funniest day I can remember was when I was 13 years old. I asked my dad if he would play tennis with me. Although he didn't know how, he was always such a great sport and he said of course - it will be fun. He drove us to the court and we were playing. He was so funny chasing the ball. He said to me you must be able to hit that ball harder than you are - do you think I won't be able to get it back to you? So I hit a real hard one over the net, he ran to get it - it hit him in the eye!!!!
    He started laughing so hard, but when I looked at his eye it was swollen shut. I had to drive us home!!!!!!! I had no idea how to do it - he was telling me what to do with tears running down his face from pain and laughter. I was scared to death, I couldn't see out the window - oh my oh my - you should have been there. I made it home at last and didn't hit anything. My dad's eye healed just fine - but you know what? He never offered to play with me again!! LOL LOL.......Hugs, Candy

  69. Oh my word- I think I prefer my quiet boring life Suzanne - for sure my pants would have needed serious launderng (scratch that, they would have gone in the bin!!!) I so don't do snakes either, they give me the screaming hab-dabs!!

    On to your delicious card - wow it's absolutely gorgoeus! Love the shimmery sheen on her dress, so very pretty. I've just used the same image today and same colours too, only my dress is green and the baby is wearing blue lol. x

  70. Suzanne!!!
    Congratulations for the 200,000 Blog Hits! You deserve them and much more just because you share your talent with all.

    My most exciting day was in my trip last year when I visited a hobby shop in Amsterdam. My God!!!
    There were so many things that I couldn´t choose the basic. I bought supplies that I don´t know
    how to use.

    Thanks for the wonderful candy!!!


  71. Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about your miserable, scary and painful day. I love your card, and I believe I have the same Precious Moments figurine in my curio cabinet.

    If you want a good laugh, I will share an embarrasing moment from when I was a kid. I was 13 and at the beach in Southern California. Now you have to picture this correctly. I started wearing a bra at the age of 9, so was filling out pretty well by 13. I was walking along the beach toward the tide pools in a little yellow bikini. I had passed several people before a very kind, fairly good looking, young adult man pointed out to me that my top was falling off. I was mortified, but grateful that he had the consideration to let me know. 30 some odd years later, I can look back on this situation and laugh. I even shared this with a women's group from church at a Christmas party for a game of "Who's telling the truth." They roared laughing. I hope this little story cheers you up. :)

  72. My most humourous day is anytime i'm in the car with my mother in law and her sister, the two of them are completely nuts, and a lot of the time what they talk about makes no sense, but in a hilarious way. Its constant laughs with them

  73. A very humorous incident that happened to me when I was about 16 or so is when I was beating some batter of some sort with the hand held electric mixer, you know the kind, with the 2 silver beaters. Well, somehow, while the mixer was still on, I managed to get the mixer and its two beaters tangled up in my hair.

    I screamed for my mom to come help. I literally thought that my hair was all going to have to be chopped off because the beaters weren't coming out.

    Finally, after probably 1/2 hour, we got them out and in the end, I just lost a few hairs.

    I read your blog daily, (I'm not that great about leaving comments). I do need to work on that. I love your work and appreciate all the time that you put into your art and sharing it with us. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. I'll honestly say that I did giggle a little at your misfortunes Suzanne and for that I'm truly sorry....;)
    My story comes from just over 12 years ago.
    I was 6 months pregnant with my 1st child and moving from England to America.
    Obviously hormones came into play and given the fact it was the very last week I could fly due to pregnancy my stress was at a high.
    I had already packed up the house myself as my husband had moved ahead of me because of his job.
    I arrived at Manchester airport in a blubbering mess with my "tears streaming down her face" Mum to start my journey.
    I had 4 oversized bags, two pet carriers with my cats and a large belly.
    First the lady at the desk said "I'm not sure if we can take that baggage on the small plane to London", then after I explained that I had had it cleared already she told me to take the bags to oversized baggage. Now you have to imagine the look on my face when I asked her how she thought I could do that on my own and in my "condition". Soon a very nice man came to help me.
    I manouvered myself into a tiny plane and took the short flight to London.
    When I got there I had to reclaim the cats, give them their sedatives and try and get someone to give me the bulkhead seat as my stomach wouldn't allow me to put the table down to eat otherwise.
    8 hours later I arrived in Dallas expecting my wonderful husband to be there to greet me.
    He was nowhere to be found :(
    I didn't have a US cellphone and started to panic.
    I went to the oversized baggage as that was where the cats where supposed to be.
    There were the boxes but only one had a cat in it.
    I started to cry as I thought my other baby, Muffin, had got out and was lost. Thankfully the BA officials came to me with him in another box as they had thought his was too small and he needed more room :)
    So I stood there with 2 cat boxes, 4 oversized bags and a very jetlagged body only to see my husband coming toward me on crutches! He had been to a friends house to play volleyball the previous afternoon and had badly strained his ankle and could put no wait on it. He couldn't call me to warn me as the 6 hour time difference made it be that I was in bed asleep when it all happened.
    The only person he could find to bring him to the airport was a lady friend of ours who is 100lbs wet and as he couldn't lift anything it was up to her and me to struggle with the bags.
    Not a day I'd like to repeat but it must have been alright as we will be have been married 15 years in August and now have 3 wonderful children :)

  75. Dang girl...your luck sounds like mine!! Hope you are going to be okay!! I love that new WOJ stamp and made it look even more beautiful!! most hilarious moment took place in the winter. To set the scene...I parked my car on the side of the highway at a little bit of an incline. I was getting out to go into the convenience store that was there and my feet slipped and whoop....right under the car I went!! OMG....did anyone see me!?! It was not easy trying to get out from under my car on the ice. I finally managed!! I wanted to die!!! If I didn't have to go potty so bad I would have left! I have tons of stories that I can tell!! 8) Congrats on your 200,000 hits!! WooHoo....I know I contributed my fair share!

  76. One of my funniest moments was when my guys were small during a hot summer day and I told them I would take out the sprinkler so they could run through it and cool off. They changed into their trunks and I went to turn on the water at the backyard faucet and as I returned, my little one had taken off his trunks and was running down the driveway totally nude, just as our Pastor stopped by for an unexpected visit.The Pastor was speechless but I said "Boys will be Boys,you know".He didn't stay long and never mentioned the event to me again...

  77. Your experience with the snake is my biggest nightmare...gave me shivers just reading it> I hope I don't have a nightmare tonight. I had a frightening experience involving a snake. My to-be husband and I were shop hopping. We came across a pet shop I wanted to go in to see the kittens and puppies. When we were ready to leave standing at the front door was the shop owner with a boa wrapped around him. I froze, couldn't move, couldnot exit the door. My boyfriend wanted me to close my eyes and he would guide me past the snake and out the front door. My feet were glued to the floor/ We noticed a back door and exited from there. To this day I have an anxiety attack whenever I am in a pet store/

  78. Hello Suzanne! You surely had an exciting day, like you I hate snakes! I'm sorry, but I won't be able to write my most humorous day, simply because I can't make it sound as humorous as it was, in English (not my mother tongue). But I can tell a short story about a similar event I had two years ago. My sister was here and just as she was leaving walking over the path towards the front gate, I saw a snake crossing over the same path in front of my sister and slowly moving it's body. When I screamed to tell my sister about the snake, because I realized she didn't see it I scared them both. My sister saw the snake and run back to the veranda (where I was standing) and the snake in a second disappeared in the flower bushes (lavender, rosemary, mint) and that was only the beginning of teh drama. :)

    Well I know this didn't make you laugh...Anyway thanks for a chance to win, I posted the link in my sidebar.


  79. Not sure where to begin... being married to my hubby provides lots of those kind of days... I probably remember the most-with laughter always-the time we were pulling our jet ski to the beach and one of the trailer tires came off and just passed us on 95 going south. To this day, I cannot tell the story without laughing... too funny. And of course, you were here trying to help me figure out what died under the stairs! Not a kitty, thank goodness!
    The candy does look yummy and I would love to be a winner! Your friend, Alex

  80. Congrats on 200,000 hits. Love the candy and love the mother and child card.

    I have a humorous story with a rattlesnake, although at the time it probably wasn't very humorous to me. Many years ago while building a house in the CA mountains, my husband was upstairs working and I was picking up. The fireplace was burning and rather than open the screen, I just pulled it out and dumped in whatever. After pulling the screen out, I realized there was quite a long rattlesnake climbing the screen that I had just handled. I SCREAMED saying there is a rattlesnake. My husband came running, with "oh, it really is a rattlesnake, I thought you had seen a mouse." He picked it up behind the head and carried it into the bathroom to flush down the toilet. However, the snake had other ideas and began to swim and refused to be flushed, so my husband had to pop him out, which was quite a chore and again picked him up behind the head and took him outside to properly dispose of him with a shovel.

  81. Take care of you and hope you don't have any more "exciting" evenings for a long time!!
    Love your card, oh so precious!
    Congrats on over 200,000 hits on your blog!

  82. Congrats Suzanne on your 200,000 hits. Thanks for all that you do to share your talents with us and your fabulous tutorials! Your mother and baby card is just stunning.
    I sure hope that you are ok. I would have had a heart attack. I am scared to death of snakes!
    I think the most exciting thing I have done recently was my sister and I drove from Kansas to the Mall of America. We had a blast. I have never seen a mall so big in all my life.
    Thank you so much for a chance to win your generous blog candy!

  83. Congrats on hitting 200,000 hits on your blog ! Wow what a weekend you had I sure hope your arm and shoulder are ok. I think one of the funniest things that ever happened to me was a girl at work asked me to give her a hand moving a box and siad oh I got it don't worry about it and one our co-workers jumped out right as I started to pick it up ...holy cow I almost wet myself laughing so hard.

  84. Put me in Ur blog candy giveaway. That's alot of hits. I'm @
    Walking into our lv rm in Conn & seeing a snake slithering thru the carpet. It was a grass snake,but I freak out w/snakes. All my kids heard was me screaming bloody murder!!! The cat must had brought it in thru the open window.
    UR lucky that c/head didn't bite Ur dogs. It could had killed them. Or made U very sick if U bit U!!

  85. Congratulations on 200,000 hits. We laugh alothere..we always say it's better than the alternative, so it wouldbe difficult to say what would be the funniest thing. I workwith seniors and they love tolaugh and usually can see humorin most things. Thanks SharriC

  86. Now keep in mind this was not funny when it happened, it was more like socially paralyzing, but now I can look back and laugh at myself. So, I was in high school and there was a big hill leading from the parking lot to my art class. The classroom was basically all windows and most of the class was already in the room as I was coming down the hill. In my class was also the guy I had a huge crush on. I still remember his face. So, it was a little muddy on the hill, but I has walked down it a million times and figured I was ok. BIG mistake! I fell on my bum and slid down the hill, gathering mud on the back of my pants all the way down. The entire class, including my crush saw me and busted up laughing. I about died. I bet they all still remember that, I know I do. Hope this cheers you up a bit. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Oh man, you did have some kind of day. I would have had a heart attack for sure if I saw a snake. My husband was out last week taking a walk and he found one in the middle of the road. The funniest thing I have ever seen was when a mouse got into the house and MY HUSBAND jumped on the chair when it ran across the floor. It was so funny!

  88. First, let me say CONGRATS on 200k in hits!! Huge! Soooo huge!!

    I too have a snake story that was very exciting (mine was a Diamondback Rattle Snake) My dog was going ape nuts and my hubby was at work so he could not come home to kill the thing! I was scared to death and did not know what to do! There was a really good ending to my exciting snake story... I had to call the fire dept to kill the snake... not one, not two, but three HANDSOME young firemen came to my house to rescue me from the Rattlesnake!! It was a GOOD day {wink!} LOL

    Thanks for the op to win some YUMMY blog candy and CHEERS to your next 200k in hits!

    Char in So Cal
    {scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

  89. Hi Suzanne,
    My most exciting and humorous day was the day my husband and I eloped. I was barely 17 and he was 18. We had to ask his mom to go with us as we neither looked our age and I borrowed a drss from my now sister in law as I had worn a short pink checked one. My friend put my hair up in a french braid (as if that made me look older). We went to another state and had the blood tests which left my art bruised from the elbow up to the shoulder and we had to change my age on the papers from the blood test as I forgot to lie on them. Then we found out we could not get married in that state. So, we came back to our state and finally found someone to marry us there. The man who married us told me he knew my dad. I was sure hoping he did not check with him regarding our marriage. And, then to top it all of we had to go stay with my inlaws until I finished high school which was a few weeks away. I had to call home to let my mom and dad know I was married and not coming home. (NOT GOOD!!)
    My inlaws moved my husbands bed into the living room for privacy as he did not have his own room and it was only a twin size. It was altogether a crazy day and would you believe we are still married after 46 years. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy and I hope I made you laugh. Love from Southeastern IL, Lin

  90. Great Card.... Congrats on 200,000 hits... yaaaaaa.......
    I have exciting days everyday... something always seems to happen... I am the proud mother of 4 beautiful children and own an Assisted living home with 30 (residents) SO THERE SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS DAILY THERE.
    Hope everything turns out ok with your shoulder...
    Melissa in WI

  91. Hi Suzanne. Just wondering if your ok. Hows the shoulder? Nothing to sinister I hope. I thought only I had days like that. Take care.

  92. Gee, off the top of my head I can't think of anything funny or exciting though if I think about it hard enough I'm sure I have some stories too tell. So I'll just go with one of those "cute" funny stories of my 4 year old niece in her first dance recital last month. She was the one deciding she was not going to follow her teacher and do her own thing. On the other side of her was another little girl who just stood there frozen on stage.. whatever 4 year olds do on stage is always cute and good for a laugh..

  93. The funnest thing I can remember is opening my garage one morning to wash clothes and a snake was trying to get a rat out of a trap I had set the night before. The snake was trying to open the trap and kept making a clicking sound. I was home alone and got a neighbor to get both out of my garage. After that, I got a cat.

  94. Suzanne hun...first off I want to say what a scary day you had! WOW I would have pooped my pants and probably died of a heart attack before the snake could have got me! I hate snakes as much as you! Hope your shoulder/arm is feeling better hun and it's nothing serious! I'm worried about you! :) I am glad to hear you enjoyed some great weather during the past weekend. We are in a rainy, cold, and gloominess state right now. I want it to warm up as we are headed on vacation the end of this weekend!

    Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful blog candy hun! I would love to get my inky hands on that loot! WOW you are so kind and generous!!! As for my story....

    Well my most eventful day would be the day i was running late for work...which was usually every day. I lived at my parents' house yet and would park my car in the unattached garage. That morning I went to open my garage door (No automatic opener) and there by my back tire (which was only 2 feet away from me) was a raccoon sitting and staring at me. I was screaming and ran to my driver's side door and jumped in my car. I was scared to back out because I thought I would run the darn thing over. This was a big ole raccoon too! My dog came running over and was barking at the raccoon and I was yelling at the dog to get away from it (of course out my car window because I wasn't getting out of the car) but the dog didn't care nor listen to me (lol). The raccoon was still in the same spot staring at me! I called my Dad to ask him what to do and he told me to scare it out of the garage and shut the garage door. AGAIN this girl was not going to get out of her car. So I left the garage door open and went to work. My Grandpa ended up coming over and had to shoot the raccoon....we think it may have been rabid because it was having seziures in our yard when my Gramps got there. Scary stuff! I still remember that day as if it were yesterday and it's been over 4 years since it happened. I hope that lightens up your snake fright! :)

    Big Hugs to you hun!

  95. Conragts Suzanne....

    Yikes! I hate snakes too. Anyway a funny story...When my 2nd child wa about 2 years old he satrted to like doors/doorknobs so much. He luv to open and close the doors. We went out and brought him for the first time to Canadian Tire and they have the auto doors. Well my son runs for the door with his hands in front of him to push on the door and well...he fell face down, I was surprised he did not cry but the look on his face was priceless. He couldnt figure out what hadppened to the door, so we had to show him, & you know what happened next, he couldn't stop opening and closing the automatic doors and people were smiling on thier way in. I think it took us a while to get him out of there and we were not able to get/buy what we wanted. I will not forget the look on my son's face really priceless.

    Thanks for the chance to win...

  96. In 2000 we moved into our new home. My husband, going to bed early, said he thought we might have a visiting cat coming in the cat doors as the food was spilled on the floor and our cats don't make a mess. To get to the food they had to come from the covered patio thru the cat door into the garage, across the garage and thru another cat door into the kitchen with the food at the end of the kitchen counter. I had just gotten into bed and heard a scoot, scoot, scoot sound of the cat dish moving across the floor. I quickly got up and upon reaching my studio (right next to the kitchen) I snapped on the light. SHOCK! A skunk, tail up, was standing at the end of the kitchen counter staring at me. I shut the light, ran back to bed with my heart a few minutes I heard scoot, scoot, scoot again. When the noise stopped, I carefully took a look - skunk door down...and it's been down at night ever since! I can laugh about it now, and know how fortunate we are that the skunk did not spray our brand new counter area!!!
    Jan Castle

  97. Well my story pales in comparison, but here goes... I was between places to live and had moved in to a spare bedroom at a friends house with most of my worldly belongings. It was tight! Stacks of boxes surrounded the bed with little room to shimmy between.

    I was sitting in the living room talking to my friend and my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, so I went to my room to speak privately. I was excited and blindly leapt onto the bed, didn't quite make a landing and slid off. I landed on the floor, wedged between the bed, the nightstand and the boxes. During my fall, I disconnected the phone and was laughing hysterically. (If you picture a turtle with long legs on her back, you've got a good likeness of the visual)

    I tried fruitlessly to free myself and could not, so I called my friend in the other room and asked for help. She said she had heard the laughter but not the cries for help. Like any good friend, she first asked if I was hurt. After I said no, she asked if she could get the camera. I said no and she helped me up anyway!

    Now obviously my life was not in peril as yours was with the snake, but my dignity and pride were forever shattered. Not entirely a bad thing! Now when things happen, I tell people,"I'm not as grafeful as I look." You have my permission to use my line. It sounds as though you may need it almost as much as I!

  98. I have tell you I have had a lot of funny days in my life. The one that really stays with me was when I was with my sister on a trip and I had eaten beans. I went walking across a parking lot and started to release (not on purpose) my gas. I got embarassed and started running. The faster I ran, the more I released gas. Of course, that only caused me to let go more. Funny, but embarassing at the same time. I don't tell this to many so keep it a secret (lol).

  99.'re making me think FAR too early in the morning!! Lets see...the most exciting thing to happen to me (recently) actually happened last Monday - on my 30th birthday of all days. My husband and I are currently living in Kuwait and they are Horrible drivers. Well, I was driving into work and in the fast lane. As per the norm, somone in the far right lane decided they wanted to turn left and basically turned across the highway RIGHT in front of me. Of course...I was going about 120 (speed limit...kph) and they were going about TWENTY!!! So I was breaking but had to Swerve really hard to the right. ALSO per the norm, jerkface then decided that did NOT want to turn, and pulled over into the next lane (that I had just swerved to) still going all of about 20...causing me to swerve BACK into the lane I was in. I swear I almost flipped the car and I was PISSED!!! This is a daily occurrence (the bad driving and not paying attention by them) but this time it was just BAD. I would have been VERY upset if I'd crashed on my darn birthday!!! But I think that crash probably would have killed me. *sigh*

    I can't think of the most humorous day...I'm toooo tired!

    I also wanted to comment on your card - it is Gorgeous! I need to see the whole set bcause I'm in love with that stamp already!

  100. I’m sure we’ve all had stories where, at the time they happen, we wish the ground would open up and swallow us – but if we live long enough, they become funny.

    Years ago, at the end of the work day, I always made a potty stop before heading out for an hour-long bus ride home. The elevator was crowded as usual. Walked 6 blocks to the bus; and since I sat up front, was one of the first off at the park and ride. On the way home, I stopped at 3 different stores before stopping for gas. While I was pumping gas, a nice older man came up to me and very quietly told me the back of my dress was tucked into my panties. Thank Heaven for gentlemen – but why couldn’t he have been on the elevator before I left work. The hardest part was getting on the bus with the same people the next morning knowing most of them had seen my backside. And also having no idea who in my office was in that elevator ride – Funny now – not so much then.

  101. Okay, I'll play along.
    My hubby and I were just talking about this event yesterday. It was quite funny in our opinion.
    Anyway, on one of our first dates my then boyfriend had borrowed 2 horses from his cousin and neighbor. Mind you, I don't know how to ride a horse!! But my horse was just not cooperative and so slow, while his was faster. So he decided that he would take my horse and I his, so that we could finally get where he wanted to take me. Unfortunately, almost as soon as I was on his horse, it turned around and just ran away with me right onto the front porch of somebody's house. I was so nervous that I just sat their laughing! I can just imagine how I must have looked!!

  102. My most exciting and funny day.

    That would have to be my wedding day. It was straight out of four weddings and a funeral. The minister screwed up during our vows and asked me if I wanted to take Ian as MY WIFE. The audience cracked up. When it came to exchange the rings, the best man thought that the maid of honour's job was to bring MY ring so he didn't bring it. My husband wore my engagement ring on his pinkie the whole night. Then at the supper, the only firefighter in the room knocks over a candle and the whole table goes up in flames!!
    We all had a great night and everyone remembers my wedding!
    Hope you enjoyed.

  103. Congratulations on the number of hits to your blog. I think it shows how much you are loved, and how much we admire your work. I can't think of any funny stories right now, but will later, I'm sure. I am so glad you and the dogs are O.K. I can't imagine you laying on the grass with a pup by the scruff of the neck in each hand. Weren't you terrified the snake was right beside you?? What am I saying??...of course you were terrified. I hope your arm and shoulder are O.K. Please let us know. Linda S. in NE

  104. Great blog candy Suzanne and you know how much I love your blog.

    My most exciting and funny day was the day third daughter was born. We had moved to a country town and our house was opposite the hospital. My first two labours were fairly fast (6 hours the first time and 1 hour 20 mins the second time) but we were sure that we would be able to manage the short walk across the road for this birth. I woke early in the morning with what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions, then I had a huge contraction and the babies head had crowned. I woke my husband who rushed to ring the ambulance, by the time he came back to me he saw me deliver our third daughter into my own hands. He rushed to get a towel to wrap her up in only for me to send him for another one as he had picked up one of our 'good' ones lol. She was perfect, pink and very peaceful so we named her Grace. We wrapped her up, woke her older sisters and waited for the ambulance. The nurse at the hospital saw the ambulance pull into our driveway then make the short trip to the hospital. The ambulance driver offered to drive once around the block so I could enjoy the ride, but we opted to go straight there. Upon arrival, the baby and I were fine but I think my husband could have used some medication as he was in shock. Being a small town, the story had
    quickly spread and we were mini celebrities.

    We've had three more babies since Grace but managed to make the hospital each time (although not by much) which is almost anticlimactic after the miracle of Grace's arrival.

    Melinda B

  105. Hi
    Adore the card, and the new stamps.
    My most exciting day was having my first son, nearly 13 years ago now, and the other two as well later in life,

  106. Great Blog Candy. One of my funniest experiences was when my DH and I went fly fishing in Montana. This was my first time and I didn't have any wadders. DH wanted to buy me some but I decided I should try it first. So I planned to wear an old pair of his. He got out of the car and got ready very quickly, me not so fast. It took me forever to get everything on and DH had been fishing for about 30 minutes. I started to walk into the water and about 5 steps in I step in a muddy hole and couldn't get out because the boot is stuck in the mud and since it is way to big when I try to pick my foot up my foot comes out of the boot. Need I say that DH thought this was Very funny. Finally I get out of the hole 20 minutes later and here comes DH and says hurry we have to leave. Mind you I had not even cast once and the though of having to immediately Try to get back to the waters edge was way more then I could think of doing. DH is trying to hurry me along and I am not a happy camper and am complaining about just getting out there and that I want to stay. DH just looked at me and pointed at this huge black bear that is on his way down the mountain towards us. Funny thing, it sure didn't take me long to get to shore and in the car. We laugh about it now but it took me quite some time to see the humor.

  107. Congratulations on 200,000 hits!

    Exciting day? Hubby and I were up one morning getting ready and our mini Australian Shepherd, Marlie, started doing her little "someone is here" bark. We didn't hear anyone on the porch or see anyone through the window, so we told her to hush. We heard a funny noise, but thought it was the neighbor in his garage. BUT SHE WOULD NOT STOP barking! So I went to open the door and look down the steps and there was a poor kitty with his head stuck in a Chunky Soup Clam Chowder Can hubs had for dinner the night before. Kitty was FREAKING OUT and the funny noise was the can banging into all the railings on the porch! I yelled to my husband, and was laughing so hard he couldn't understand me. So he finally came and saw and we realized we had to help kitty. So I got a towel, threw it over him and held on, while hubs tried to get the can off kitty's head. NOT FUN! And we were afraid we were going to cut the kitty - because the can didnt' want to come off. So finally hubs pulled as gently and quickly as he could and it came off. PHEW!

    Poor kitty wandered around our porch for about 30 minutes still bumping into stuff because it was so dizzy and disoriented.

    Needless to say, we started putting a bungee on the trash can top so the kitty(s) couldn't get it off.

    Oh my!!! LOL!

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  109. Hi Suzanne, wow... so many comments already... I landed on your blog occassionally and love what I see here. I'will visit you again from time to time to see what's new. And perhaps there's a little chance to win your wonderful goodies :o). I just added you on the side bar of my blog.

    My most exciting day... mmmhh... I really cannot remember, so I guess it were not that spectacular. But I am looking VERY MUCH forward to next Thursday, as then I can take my little baby cat Samson to my home. I am very exciting about this day.

    Love from Switzerland, Karina

  110. Awesome blog candy and congrats on so many hits! I'm still shuddering about your snake story. I got remarried almost 2 yrs ago and we went camping for our honeymoon. Did you know that owls hunting at night can sound like someone screaming for help? ummmm.........I didn't know that, but the Park Rangers I called from my cell phone nicely explained it to DH and I and then posed nicely for a pic as it was definitely a scrapbook moment. (I still slept with an axe beside me......LOL)

  111. Congratulation on all the hits! I don't have any funny stories (or they escape my memory at the moment). But, thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! Judy T

  112. what a nice candy...

    the last funniest day was a couple of days ago, in our garden... our little bunny (he lives outside in the garden in a big cage) has stolen our dogs candy and our dog was just looking while the bunny was hopping away... his look was so funny...

    Hugs Finja

  113. me abnd snakes??ot a good combo...
    id have passed out f i were you..

    i dont have any excitementwiht critetrs or snakes to share..but i havemy classic all time hummorous story of my life to share..

    ill make it the readers digest version...(condensed)

    i was once rushing out the door wiht ym teem niece and 4 yr odl daughter to ctach a bus for a trip we were going on.. rounding them up..gettting the bags together etc..all with no tem to spre
    we left the house..i stood on my porch..was locking the front door..and niece pointed out that i forgot to put a shirt on..LOL

    i was standing there with my purse on my shoulder..2 kids..baggaage..and in my BRA!
    i was so focused on getting out in time..that i forgot to get completely dressed..LOL


    thanks for the blog candy offer..
    im off now to post a link for your candy on my blogs sidebar!

    BTW..this candy is awesome.....the snake may have almost had you fainting..but if i ever won candy like this i'd be the one who would faint! its fantastic!

  114. Ok so we laugh about it now but when this was happening it was quite frightful...
    My 2 sisters and 2 cousins and I were all left at home alone. Oldest was like 14 down to 10. Anyway, we heard a strange noise down in the basement where we were all supposed to be we had then decided that there was definately somone down there! So we decided that we were going to get them! We all armed ourselves with what we thought were these deadly weapons....butterfly net, fishing net, tennis racket, badmitton racket and me being the youngest I got a bat. Not like if being the smallest with the best weapon was really going to do any good! So anyway we all headed down into the basement just like if you were watching a cartoon...creaping around the basement looking for anyone that we could find making sure we all stook together. Well, the funny thing of this was that before our parents left mom and dad had told up to put the dog downstairs with us so that we would have her to sleep with us. Anyhow we finally found out what the funny noise was, the dog ! She had found the sealed box of dog bones on the shelf knocked it off and was trying to get into that box! Flipping it and ratteling it ! What a hoot that was when we all figured that out!

    Congratulations on the hits!

    Denise Wells

  115. Okay, I'm really going back in the day since I've been married for 10 years now.

    Anyway, when I was dating my boyfriend (now husband), we used to take the subway to work every morning (NYC). Well, one day while going up the stairs I fell down. He was behind me. I got up and starred going back and and fell again and again. I was so mortified. I held up the line of people trying to get out of the subway and my boyfriend couldn't find words to say to me. Once I got into the office I went to the bathroom and cried for 30 minutes. Later that day, I received a dozen roses from him and the note read something like, hope you are okay. Til' this day we don't even mention it. I can't believe I'm sharing this!!! LOL

  116. Congratulations on having so many hits! Wonderful blog candy you've got here too. I just recently found your blog, but I started following immediately. I don't know about the funniest day in my life, but I have a terrier myself and I know how much they can get into! Since we have had Riley she has gotten into so many scrapes! I think the funniest one though was with a turtle. She had found this big turtle in our yard and she likes to carry them around and hide them (on their backs of course) and then every so often go and see if they're still there and hide them somewhere new. One morning she was outside and I suddenly hear this awful yelping. I run outside and see her with this turtle. The turtle had been out of his shell until she came along, and when he pulled back inside and closed up his shell he closed up on the tip of her tongue! It really was a funny sight. I had to hold her and the turtle while my husband gently pried the turtle shell open enough for her to get her tongue out. Of course she immediately went straight back to pick the turtle up and hide him!
    I hope your arm is okay, and you should take it easy today!

  117. Hello Suzanne, your card is simply elegance!!!
    Wonderful look!!! and marvelous combination of papers....I love it!
    Hugs, mumur

  118. My daughter is three and the delight of our lives. We were driving to a funeral of one of my husband's uncles. Neither of us were looking forward to the event and had spent the better part of the trip quietly sharing memories. As we drove through the city on our way to the church, my daughter suddenly piped up asking what a particular building was. I told her I didn't know. She nodded and told me 'okay, we'll talk about it later." A few moments later, she pointed out another building. This one was a hotel, and I told her that. She smiled and said "Good. We'll talk about it later". A few seconds later, we went through the process again. By the time we reached the church we were all giggling and had 17 buildings to "talk about later".

  119. I just love your card and the new WOJ collection is looking awesome. Congrats and thanks for the candy. Pinning down one thing is hard when you ask for both exciting and humorous. Recently we went to see Annie, they brought the broadway show here to Austin. My daughter loves this show, knows all the words. She was up singing and wiggling her bottom all the way through. I was so busy giggling and watching her excitement. She has made me laugh almost daily since the day she was born.


  120. So many darling stories and such lovely candy. Both are a treat. I have 6 children and in July we will welcome our 13th grandchild. My most exciting days are when I get to celebrate the joys and achievements of my family members. Everyday at my age is exciting when I wake up and know I have another day to enjoy life.

  121. Oh funny!! Just reading a couple of these comments makes me think of some of the many 'events' in my life that make me LOL! What a fun question!

    A few years ago, my best friend came for the weekend. We always have great fun and lots of laughs. Well... we'd been out shopping all day... antiques, shoes, rummage-type shops. At one place I found a 2 ft tall chef holding a skillet in one hand. He was (is) very kewl and every little kid who comes to my house must hug the chef. When my friend and I got home that day, I pondered where to put my new prize. It had to be somewhere just right so my granddaughter wouldn't run by and break off that hand and skillet. My friend was offering advice as I was moving it here and there. Welp... wouldn't you know... I broke his hand off!!!! My jaw dropped to the ground and nearly in tears, I stared with horror at my friend. Of course, she was just rolling on the floor!! Big help!! She cracked up all day and I fixed his hand. Ever since, I really haven't worried about kids breaking my chef! :)

    P.S. I just love your work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  122. I have a scary snake story that happened to my SIL. She was staying at a Dude Ranch with her family and needed to use the outhouse in the middle of the night. As she walked to the outhouse, she just missed steping on a rattlesnake. She never went out after dark there again!


  123. Yesterday I took my daughter to get shots for kindergarten. She did not want the shots but knew that she had too! She had to get three so we warned her and when the first shot was given, she jumped out of my lap and yelled "I'm good with one!", "I don't need to go to kindergarten." It was so funny. Her expression was priceless. We had to hold her down for the rest and she went out screaming.

  124. I cannot imagine what your evening was like. (I might have been bitten, because I would have slipped on my own ____!!!) I don't think anyone can top a day like that!! When I take my grandson to the zoo I don't even go into the snake house. I meet them at the exit. I have two Himilayian cats, and they are just as courious as your cairns. I'm soo glad everything turned out ok.
    Are you sure that snake went into the woods? Keep a good look out, he may still be mad at the dogs.

    PS I hope everything came out in the wash.

  125. My most exciting, sad but funny day was when my daughter was 5-6, I had a little pond out front of the house along with 3-4 chipmunks.
    I would set and take pics of them playing on the porch. My daughter said to me one day that if they fell in the pond, they will drown.
    Told her they have good balance and tht will not happen. Well, ate them words as a couple days later, on was in the pond and drown. To this day, my daughter does not let me live this down and she is now 27. It was took funny to see the look on her face. Yep, as usual, it was my fault. LOL LOL

  126. I guess the funniest evening was when me and my friend, about 14 years old bu that time, went to a concert of a popular so called punk band. While we were sitting at the table in the cafeteria a man came sitting beside us and started talking with us and asking how we were. We told him to go away and asked him what are you staring at old man! After a while we realized he was the singer of the band we had come to see... By that time we were very shamed but now it's quite funny :)

  127. I love your use of the new WOJ stamps ! It looks like a fun set.
    My life is pretty boring compared to yours. My moments are filled with little flashes of fun moments like a couple of weeks ago when my hubby and met up with my daughter and son-law for dinner, (not an easy task as they live 5 hrs south of us but we both need to be in Seattle fo differnet reasons and ddecided to get together for dinner) My daughtewr asked her father If "Mom" could keep a secret? he said sure. So she told us that come early jan we would become grandparents but not to tell anyone else yet. (we now have the ok to share) So my husband said, "oh, but I never said i could keep a secret ." We all laughed. He can, as evidenced by his keeping it from me for 2 months that several of our friends were showing up to honor me at an Eastern Star meeting. I was all prepared to go casual - for the first time all year - and he kept saying are you sure you don't want to wear your formal dress? are you sure? Fortunatly he stuck it in the car without my knowledge so when I got there and was the only one in casual - I could change. Little moments like these fill me life with smiles and joy.

    smiles, Kathy

  128. This may not be the funniest but it's the first one that popped in to mind my and oh how vivid. My girlfriend and I had just stopped for lunch at an outside cafe in the old part of NE Portland. We'd ordered lunch and two glasses of red wine (notice I said RED). We were on the side on a slopped walkway where tables had been set. Great setting and me in my dainty way decided to pull my chair closer to the table and in turn dumped the whole glass of my friends wine on her white pants!!!! Oh man talk about shock. Luckily she had thrown and extra pair of pants in her car, I still am not sure why they were there but at this point I didn't care and still don't. I hot footed it back to her car for the extra pants. It should have been a Kodak moment but it's etched so well in my memory that another 10 years can pass and I'll still remember that heart beating moment like it was yesterday. And yes, it's funny now but it wasn't then, thank goodness for 'best friends' who forgive your 'not so dainty moments!!!'

  129. OMG! WHat a day you had!!! Girl, you need get into a bubble and stay there 'til the coast is clear! Another gorgeous card! Congrats on your 200K!

  130. Oh Suzanne! I can't believe all you went through in one day! Maybe you should just stay in your stamp room! You poor gal. I hope you are felling better.
    Now to your card! How sweet is that image?!!You did an amazing job with your card. That would make a wonderful stamp for a new mother.
    Funny day, huh? That depends to whom? When I was younger I wos over my best friends. Her mother just cleaned the glass doors to the deck. You know what's coming don't you? Dummy walked right through them! I hit my knee on door and it shattered. I was so embrassed! My friend, was on the floor laughing...then her mother came in and started laughing. The more they laughted the more I cried! To this day I am very careful when I come to glass patio doors! (NO, I don't have any in my house!LOL!)
    By the way 200,000 hits! Doesn't that just blow your mind?! Congrats!
    hugs, Pam

  131. you know my mind has gone totally blank - I can't come up with anything at all

    so I'll just tell you a joke to try and make you laugh instead, here goes...

    Q. What's pink and fluffy
    A. Pink fluff

    Q. What's blue and fluffy
    A. Pink fluff holding it's breath

    well, they amused me lol
    have a great day

  132. Wow the snake is super creepy, I could feel my blood pressure rising. I think one of the funniest things that I can remember and we still laugh about today is while my hubby and I were newlyweds, he was preparing for a Body Building contest. Rather than have him clog the drains shaving his entire body, I decided to "HELP" him out a bit. I HOT WAXED him. I was getting such a thrill from yanking off that strip and watching him shriek and dance in agony. Now mind you, I was hugely pregnant! I was laughing so hysterically that I started PEEing!!! That was even funnier!! So there I was, my glorious 9 mos pregnant self hee hawing, slapping the knees and urinating!! Needless to say, he only allowed me to do the lower part of one leg, no way he was letting me close to the thighs. He would NOT make a very good woman, imagine the bikini area!!

  133. Most exciting and humourous day? hmm...when challenged to make a veggie chili for the folks at work. I claimed I could make a veggie chili and they would not miss the meat. We had a fun day that day - and it apparently won me the heart of my dearly beloved. We've been together since then and I laughingly say that "I have to keep him - I fed him and he followed me home!" That was nine years ago.

  134. Hi Suzanne

    I can only shudder reading about your close encounter with the snake - I really hate snakes and am so thankful that we don't have many in the UK.

    I have two most exciting days to add to the list, both of which were to assist my grandsons into the world and hold them within seconds of their births. I feel so priviledged that my DD wanted me as her birthing partner for both the babies and I will never forget these experiences for as long as I live, they were both so magical :0)


  135. This question is to timely. My most exciting day for a real long time was this Sunday when I made a hole in one. I have been a golfer for a while and this was the day! No no ... it was not at mini-putt!

    Thanks for the chance to win. This is a really interesting package.


  136. What great BLOG candy! Congrats on 200000 hits!
    My most exciting/hilarious day would have to be when I went swimming with dolphins with my family on a vacation in the Bahamas. Andy, the dolphin, gave me a "hug" and he was much heavier than I thought! I made a comment to that nature, and the trainer had Andy act all hurt, then I had to give Andy kisses to make him feel better. Here I am in waist deep water kissing a dolphin! I have the video of it, and you can here all the people laughing at me, but at least Andy forgave me for the heavy comment!

  137. Congrads!! My funny story is very have 3 hummingbird feeders, they are full.. we leave for 4 days on a quick trip...nothing left when we come home, "What the heck??" they must of been hungry..right?? NO...Red Robin's and yellow birds are taking out the plastic flowers and throwing them where ever they feel like..and drinking all the food.. I have put out bird feed and they still are doing it....So, know I tell my little dog(Odie) to chase them off, because there eating all of his birds food.. He loves the hummingburds alot! He will sit in the chair outside and watch he is there own personal to cute!

    Anyway, that is my funny story... still trying to get use to living in the not use to it Gl everyone! Denise

  138. Oh what a fabulous candy. Congratulations on 200,000 hits.

    I would have to say the most exciting day of my life would have to be my wedding day (of course). I think I went thru every emotion you could possibly go thru. I was nervous, anxious, excited and even really teary. It was a wonderful day except for the very hot weather - having to stand over a water cooler with my wedding dress hitched up to my waist was not a good look....!!!! LOL. At least it wasn't raining.

  139. I've had many humorous days but none really stick out. The most exciting days of my life have been feeling my children kick for the first time and seeing my grandchildren born, nothing compares to the joy and excitement of those things.

  140. I knew nothing about cats until my dh brought one home while I was out of town. As time went by the cat came home in a motherly fashion! One night she jumped up on my lap and I figured she still had some time since she had no problems jumping. Wrong! That cat stretched out on my lap, held her breath & started pushing!! You guessed it! She wanted to have those babies on my lap! Her water broke! I took her out to the garage & fixed her a place. She meowed at me not to leave! I stayed while the first two were born then she did just fine on her own!

  141. Hello Suzanne: Congratulations on your blogoversary!

    My funniest day was ... well, being pregnant, my brain hasn't been functioning that well but what I remember that was pretty funny when my 4-year old daughter said that she finally knows why Starbucks is called Starbucks ... because they want all your bucks! DUH!!! She asked me about it the day before and I couldn't give her answer so the next morning, the very first thing she said was this. She surely gave it a lot of thought ;)

  142. Ok, wow, what a day for you!!!
    Your card is so lovely and soft'd never know it wsa a crazy, stressful day!
    I don't know aboiut the MOST exciting/humorous...but along the lines as your day, I do remember as a child, asking my mom what a broken bone felt like and about 7 hours later I found out. Incase you wonder, IT HURTS. I didn't forget, once I found out!
    My children do keep my days full of adventures I'm sure there's something more interesting than that.... :)

  143. Hi :)
    I'm from Hungary, so excuse me for my english.
    You're blog and cards, and colors are very nice!
    My most exciting day in my life is when I climed Toubkal (4167 m) in Morocco. :)
    Have a nice day!

  144. One of my favoriute day was when I won a competition in dressage. Its way back (10 years ago) but I still remember it. Thanks for a lovely giveaway :)

  145. Absolutely loved your story....scary and funny!!! I love to laugh, so fun things happen all the time, most recent about a week ago at my daughter's in-laws, the "older" grown ups (like me) getting in the trampoline with the little ones, thinking we were kids again. I laughed so hard, and was so afraid if I fell, I could hurt one of them, so at the same time trying to be so careful. And the little ones bouncing hard to teach the "grandma's" how to bounce and pop back up 2 to 3 times in a row. We laughed until we cried.

  146. It was about 17 years ago when my cat received his christening of his father cat :-)
    It was in the summer, he was about 5 months when he was in the garden and we saw a big cat coming, he went to my babycat and he toke his position for peeing sprinkling, right on his head. Then he went away. My babycat has shaken his head en didn't know what happend.
    His mother (also my cat) went to him to protect him. We asked the vets and he said that the cat has done this because he recognized him as his son. My mum and I could'nt stop laughing all evening and each time we thougth on it.


  147. I'm loving that card!

    Now to pick you a funny moment? Oh my I've had so many... the time I superglued my hands together showing kids what NOT to do with it. Or the time I dislocated both my thumbs at the same time - oh and the day before we wnet away to a wedding! Ever tried to dress little kids with both your hands bandaged up? Plus the time they really will not co-operate? Or coming out of the toilets at a very 'posh' wedding with toilet paper stuck on my shoe AND my dress tucked in my 'not best' pair of pants? Hmmm perhaps that last one was more of an embarrassing moment!

  148. So my parents have these Amazon parrots, a couple, and the male talk, a lot, and when ever we are sitting together as a family talking and laughing sometimes he starts laughing to and he happens to laugh just like me so when ever the family hears him laughing it makes us all start laughing too and its just a continuous cycle of laughter cause he continues to laugh to. We cry laughing, it gets us every time.

    Congrats on the big hits. Thanks for the chance to win.


  149. Hope your snake hasn't returned! Enjoy checking out your blog. Your cards are very nice.

  150. I have two very important days - when I told my boyfriend that we were having our two daughters. Today they are 2 1/2 years and 1 1/2 month and every day together with my family is a gift.

  151. Hey

    What an eventful day...

    One of my funniest moments in the last weeks was watching my cousin (4) riding his bike (just learned how to the day before) and miscalculating the space he would need to steer around the bike before crashing into the house wall - so of course he hit the wall and fell (not bad mind you - no scratch on him) - first reaction "let's start crying" - then my grandma went over to him and showed him a small crack in the wall (as the house is quite old) asking him if he did that when he crashed... it was so cute how he went to get his dad to proudly show him how strong he was, he could even manage to crack the strong house wall...

    Thanks for the candy

  152. There are alot of great stories here! I know my most exciting was my wedding day and the happiest were the birth of my 2 boys but i just can't think of a funny story! I am dying of heat stroke since my AC broke this AM! LOL! I'm waiting for hubby to bring a new AC!! :)

    Hugs and Lots of Ice Cream!

  153. Congrats on the 200K hits. I follow you via reader and really enjoy your blog and creations. A funny story I remember has to do with my nephew when he was just starting to talk. He would pronounce "tr" as an "F" so that the word trick would sound like fick. One day when we were with my parents a big truck passed us and my nephew started yelling Truck! Truck! Truck! Of course what came out of his mouth was not g rated. The looks on my parents' faces were priceless. We still tease them and my nephew about that day.

  154. The most exciting day in my life was when my daughter suprised me and came home from Iraq.
    I walked in the door and there was my other girls, a birthday cake, the whole dining room decorated with birthday favors...then in walked my daughter!
    I was so happy I cried!
    We then went out to eat, and they made me wear a sombereo at the mexican resturant. It had on it I was 40 today!
    They were very humorous about that!

  155. Congrats on all your hits..Fantastic candy, Thanks for a chance to win..Here is my funny story..
    Many yr.ago. when I was still living at home with my mom and dad. My little nephew came to visit.. He was about 3 at the time.. Well my mom had dentures, and had them in the bathroom in a little blue cup..We were all visiting and not paying attenion , when we heard this funny noise then crying..My Nephew walked out of the bath room with my moms teeth stuck in his little mouth..we were laughing so hard that we couldent hardly get them unstock..What Id give now to have had a pic. of that..
    Hugs, Linda

  156. Hi Suzanne
    I love that card:-) How eciting all those hits to your blog:-) we all love you and your style!
    Ok my most exciting thing that happened well, my wedding and my sons births are memerable but the one day that sticks out to me that shows the real me:-) is the morning years ago when my Hubby was taking me to a counted cross stitch show somewhat like the rubber stamp shows of now and like the CHA shows... It was really early cause we had to get to Pa for the show when they opened at 9 a.m. and I was rushing about to get out of here and be on the road cause gosh it was to get to buy Cross stitch items, I was not paying attention and as I was going out the back door I missed the step and went flying through the air (gosh Im glad it was sorta dark out, I must have looked horrible flying airmail down the sidewalk and when I landed I skided on my knees:-( Ok this was not going to stop my frenzy for shopping at the cross stitch festival, I got up limping and yes I'll admit I started crying but laughing with the crying, went in the house cleaned my skinned knees up, put a new pair of jeans that had no holes in them on and off we went, By 2 p.m. My friends were rolling laughing at me because I was in some pain when the scabs started forming on my knees and I would not give up the fighting getting through lines to see the must have goodies! we made a pack that day that nothing woud stop us from getting to the festival ever again not even blood shed:-)
    I will stop at nothing to get to a show with craft supplies:-) Hehe
    Michele spera

  157. Congrats for you hits!
    I remember 20 years wen I lovely joung girl.I go dansing .I take garpits bag ,but i not remember take away .Wen i g ame dansingplace i have garpitsbag whit me.Oh no then i don`t laugh enymore ..

  158. Ok, my exciting, funny was on my first visit on the Showboat Branson Belle. The Todd Oliver and Irving show was wonderful!! Irving is Todds 'talking' dog and the show was just perfect, I laughed so hard I thought I would 'P' my pants!!!


  159. Congrats on all the hits! Wow!

    My humorous day would be when my parents had taken us to Zion National Park. My sister and I ran ahead on the trail and found a rock that we could hide under. Just as my dad was pointing out our feet to my mom, we jumped out and scared her. We still tease her.


  160. The funniest day I've ever had and most embarrassing is when I accused my college roommates phone caller of being a pervert b/c he called, identified himself as Leroy, couln't remember her name, but wanted to talk w/her. Finally, I got her - she was working at the desk and it turns out it was her pastor - Rev. Leroy. Would have been nice had he said that to begin with. Years later we were visiting @ a friends church and sure enough it turned out to be Rev. Leroy. We introduced ourselves and asked if he had been a minister @ BSU when we were there and sure enough, he had. We had the best laugh and he said it's the only time he'd ever been accused of being a pervert. Life comes full circle - makes me chuckle as I type this. Jackie

  161. Hi! My funniest, most exciting day was the day my twins started school. I woke up at 5:30am to find my girls dressed (to the shoes) with all the tags still on their clothes. They had gotten back up in the middle of the night and gotten "ready" for school. It was so cute and funny!

  162. Wow...that is terrifying! The funniest thing I can remember-funny now, not then, was on a trip to Vegas. My husband & I and my closest friend & her husband went on a week long trip to Vegas. Tracy & I tend to get to giggling whenever we are together. We had decided we would walk the strip and were hopping in and out of all the hotels. Well we got to laughing over something and the next thing I know is I have to go the bathroom and I have to go now- did I mention I was 6 mos pregnant with no bladder control! Well I start to frantically run (waddle) to the sign marking the rest rooms however I didn't make it. Well Tracy was just about on the floor and I am mortified! We were in the Bellagio. Well luckily I had on a long maternity shirt, which I kept tugging on to try to make just a little bit longer! I made my husband walk directly behind me-very close behind me until we got back to our hotel. It was a very uncomfortable more ways than one!

  163. First I have to say I love your cards and am so glad I found your blog. I am a grandmother living with my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. My son-in-law kept after my daughter until she ask me to come live with them when they were in Germany and she was expecting their third child in less than three years. Today we are in Mesa Az and the little one know three came in my room at 12.00 at night and ask me to get him something to eat he wanted pancakes. He does not sleep well and I am the one he thinks should stay up with him or get up with him. Have you had pancakes at midnight? I got him to have fruit and pancakes in the morning with cool whip. I love them that is what grandmothers are for. I wonder if the son-in-law had dreams about the future.

  164. Hi there-
    Glad you survived your adventures of late!!! I hate snakes too...

    My most exciting day lately was when the kids (all five, ages 9 under)and I arrived home to find our garage door open after a bad thunderstorm. As we exited the car, we head a buzzing, thumping sound in the garage. It turned out that several hummingbirds were "trapped" in the garage and disoriented...banging repeatedly against the window. I had to capture each one by hand, as they are too fragile to net, and carry each one outside and release it. It was really cool and the kids were amazed...

  165. Sister's confirmation. An old bishop was saying the mass and during the sermon his dental prosthesis jumped out of his mouth. He swang with his arms and catch the prosthesis. People in the church laughed and the bishop too.

  166. Suzanne,

    Here is a really good laugh for you but I have to tell you a few things about myself so that you will realize just how funny this is...

    I'm a nearly 50 year old, overweight mother of a (now) four year old. We have a farm where we raise beef cattle. Our surplus beef is in the freezer located in one of our outbuildings.

    Last summer my husband dropped a couple of packages of steak on the picnic table while he chased our son Alex down. (Alex had escaped the yard and was running for the pasture to see the horses and cows.) I was standing at the kitchen sink when I saw a seagull stealing one package of steak from the table. I grabbed the broom and went running after the bird. Needless to say that a slightly aged, overweight, SCREAMING, woman running after a seagull with a broom was quite a site to behold! My husband still laughs about this but I am proud to say that because of the weight of the package of steaks the bird was not able to get good clearence and I was able to recover my dinner!


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  168. WTG on your hits !! ! I am a walking Murphy's Law.. if it will happen.. it will to me lol I was at the bank and done at the teller's and started to walk away and grabbed my keys not noticing that i had also grabbed the chain to the pen.. started walking away and zoommm i was swung around in an instant.. everyone in the bank broke out laughing at me.. so embarrassing lol

  169. Hi Suzanne,

    I recently found your website, and it is the 1st place I go when I turn my computer on in the morning. Thank you for all your ideas and inspiration.

    One of my funniest recollections is from around 35 years ago. My husband and I had been out lobstering and were just returning to the dock. It had gotten VERY windy, and the wind was pushing the boat away from the dock...making it very difficult to tie up. My husband thought it would help if I got off at the floating dock and went up to the main dock to throw the lines out to him. It seemed like a good plan. Unfortunately, the wind came up even stronger as I threw the line out. I was teetering on the edge of the dock (seemed like minutes, but I'm sure it was only seconds) looking like a cartoon character. In the end, I fell in the water. My husband tells me he was scared to death, but when I came up to the surface laughing my head off, he started laughing too. Too bad "America's Funniest Videos" wasn't around then. We would have had the entire audience chuckling at my gracefulness!

  170. OH-oh.
    I forget to post here. Uh, something funny? I remember one nigt with a big storm. And my dog was so terrified, that he jump in our bed in midle of us. Even he know, my husband don't alow this. But his horror was too big. And he slept there like a litle baby :)))

  171. What craziness that is happening with you right now... rains, snakes... hopefully the rains won't come so quickly and you will be able to enjoy the moisture and not worry if your car is going to float away too! In my crazy life, when I was like 12, we had a HUGE pulley on a rope going from our tree house to a tree across my parents yard. We would use it to get down "faster"! Well, my brother - for some stupid brother reasoning - loosened the rope when he went to a friends house and I went to show it off to my grandparents. Half way through, the rope gave I hit the ground, the pulley hit me...Not a fun day, but a crazy story I tell people. I still don't like my brother for that, even after I caught my breath and the bruising went away! Can You Imagine a 12 year old girl FLYING threw the air?! It was fun up until that trip! I linked your candy in my sidebar to help spread the word, thanks for a chance to win.

  172. Well, it might not be the craziest story of my life but it sure is the funniest to me. My brother and I are less than 2 years apart in age. We were feeling kind of hungry and in the mood to snack one day, and decided we would make a batch of brownies. We were 12 and 13 at the time. He wandered off to do something else, so I was left to make the brownies! I must have been gabbing on the phone or maybe I saw a cute guy on tv and was distracted, because I forgot the sugar!! Well, wouldn't you know it the brownies were disgusting! So my brother was in a tiff and said, "ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CAN MAKE BROWNIES!" So I told him to give it a try. He thought it was a great idea and made a batch. 30 minutes later, I bit into a brownie with cooked egg inside! He hadn't stirred it well enough, and to boot, he forgot the flour! SO, I took pride in throwing the brownie down and saying, "ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CAN MAKE BROWNIES!" Fortunately for us, there are others in our family that enjoy baking and are far better at it than we are! Third time is a charm, my sister's brownies were delicious! This story always makes me giggle! Hope you've enjoyed it. And thank you for the chance to win this great candy!

  173. Well, all of us mommy's know that when it comes to dicpline, you have to find what works best for you and your little one. Well, my almost 3 year old is fearless. What doesn't work with him: takign toys away, time out, slap on the hand, threatening to throw things out, anything verbal, anything physical, basically NOTHING pahses this kd. Well. 2 days ago I was about at my witts endafter telling him no less than 2,012 times to quit kicking the front door in protest to having to come inside. From somewhere, the words, "I will tell the chipmunks outside to bit your toes if you don't quit." WELL my friend- IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. He stood and practically saluted while begging for me to not let chipmunks in the house. So yesterday he wouldn't stop doing this or that. I simply yelled, "Chipmunks!!!!" "No mommy, no. I promise I will be better." Maybe I shouldn't think my childs fear is funny, but as a parent, WHATEVER works! :) Have a better day!!

  174. What a gorgeous card! WOW
    My exciting day was when I turned 60 and my kids had a surprise birthday party for me with all my stamping friends. How they got it together had to have been so difficult, but it was exciting to me!

  175. So you want to know my funniest day? I get flashes and snippets of my family, not a full day. Every holiday Mom would have something go wrong. When I was 5 I pulled a chest of drawers on myself, my brother cut himself and had to have stitches. Always something at holiday dinners. One Thanksgiving Mom thought she was clear that year until she went to get the sweet potatoes out of the oven. They had exploded. Every last one! The family looks back and gaffaws at the silliness in this family.
    Sharon L

  176. Hi, what a lovely blog candy. Would love to have a chance to win.
    My funniest day has to be any of the days I get to spend with my nephews and niece. They always have something fun to say. Last time my little nephew Måns who is 3years old said "No, I'm the boss here!" That sort of comments highlights my day. Thanks

  177. Congratulations on your many visitors. You are so very talentedand I love your blog and all you share with us!
    The most blessed day for me and exciting too was the day my adorable and precious granddaughter was born! She is a joy to my life and simply precious!!! I loved being a Mom ( and still do!) however to be blessed by such a bright and precious Granddaighter is more than I ever thought it would be.

  178. My hubby and I rented a "topless" car on a trip to Charleston,NC a few years ago.
    While driving along a tree lined road, a small geko lizard dropped into my lap. He pulled over as quickly as possible, and we could not find the little guy. I was so afraid it would climb on me while we were driving back! We got back to the hotel and tried to find it, but decided that it had crawled back out after a quick stop at the grocery store.
    The next morning, when we went to the car, he was sitting on the dashboard.
    We have not rented a convertible again....

  179. Wow, what a story Suzanne! I'm glad you escaped with only some minor injuries.

    The story that came to mind is when my husband and I were dating. He had this pension for managing to run over things on the freeway. He had told me about a time where he had no other choice but to run over a lawn mower that was on the road.

    Later, we were on the freeway and had a scary incident where there were chunks of cement with the rebar (sp?) sticking out of it. You just don't expect things to be strewn all over the freeway like that.

  180. Love your card first off, and what wonderful blog candy to offer!!!

    My most exciting day was back in 1990 when I was married to my husband jerry. It was super hot in Reno and when he went to put the rings on my finger he had the hardest time...LOL he couldnt get them on, and of course he was nervous, and we were both sooo happy and cry'n anyways after a bit he did get them on, and then it was my turn, and I couldnt get his on either.....LOL everyone was laughing and they new why, it was soooooo darn hot that are fingers were swollen from the heat(it was super hot back then) we were married in June 1990:) anyways it was the best day and funniesttooo. We even have it on video :)

    Anyways thank you for letting me share this, and have a wonderful week!!


  181. This was a tough one. I laugh every day, but I'm bad at telling jokes or stories, but here goes:

    I had a friend in high school and we used to watch a certain comedy show and movie that was popular at that time. Our entire humour was based on those shows. In one of the scenes there is a man that stands with a sign by a highway. The sign itself isn't so funny if you haven't seen the show, but here's the funny part:

    On easter she came to visit me (we had lost contact for 9 years and she was going to visit me for the first time in those years). I wrote a sign just like the one in the movie and brought it when I waited for her at the train station. People were looking at me like I was crazy, passing me by and then I suddenly hear someone laughing out loud! She totally remembered that scene and we really hitted off from there on. It was a great stay. :)

    Thanks for the chance on your candy. I spread the word in case my story wasn't good enough, lol:


  182. great blog! I look forward to your everyday posting. Always puts a smile on my face

  183. Wow Suzanne! I would of pooped myself to, My husband would of left me out here as he is petrified of snake even the small green 2 inch baby garden snakes, Which brings to to one of many funny stories. One after noon my husband went out to mow the backyard, A little while went bye and I didn't see him but could hear the lawnmower so I went out back to look for him . There he was running thought the grass chasing a small garter snake, It was so funny as I looked at the yard, He was out there the whole time chasing the thing and the yard looked like a drunk was using the just had to be there to see his lovely creation.... he never did get the snake.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win some YUMMY CANDY...your blog is AWESOME and I check it daily.

    Hugs Cathy

  184. Congratulations on your huge number of blog hits! That is amazing! What a tribute to your designs! Your work is gorgeous. We all love to oooh and ahhh.

    Now, about that Ark...come to the desert southwest! You'll learn to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE clouds and rain - there is never too much (at least for me).

    And now for my funny story. If only you could have been there...

    I was teaching 5th grade in a private school. The parents of my students were lawyers, doctors, dentists, judges, casino executives. This was in Las Vegas.

    I was teaching an English lesson. The question was, "What is an attorney?" This tiny little boy was halfway up the aisle waving his hand. I responded, "XXX do you know what an attorney is?" XXX responded, "Yes, I do. It's a lawyer." I told him that he was right.

    My next question was, "Is anyone's father an attorney?" The same little boy once again was out of his seat, flapping his hand in the air. I looked at the young man and asked, "XXX is your dad an attorney?" XXX responded, "No, my mom is." To this, I said, "Wow, XXX, that's great! Your mom is an attorney." His next sentence did me in...

    XXX said, "Yes, she's a PROSTITUTER." Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I clutched the English textbook to my chest, cleared my throat about three times and said, "Ummm, that's PROSECUTOR, XXX, PROSECUTOR." I quickly assigned the exercises for the children to complete and quickly left for the office which was right next door. I had to get out of that room!

    I went into the principal's office, with tears streaming down my face, I was laughing so hard. My principal was puzzled. I shared what had just happened and the entire office lost it!

    A couple of weeks later, was Open House. I met Mom and told her about the day we had the "lesson." I thought she'd get a kick out of it. She didn't! She got miffed and said she would be having a talk with her son. I quickly told her that I had cleared up the mispronounciation. She then went on to explain that she was a prosecuting attorney for prostitutes.

    I have to say, that is one of the highlights of my 30+ year teaching career!

  185. Congratulations on that many hits!! And what a fabulous candy.

    I have several excitind days, but the one with the most homour will be the day my youngest daughter was born.
    In Holland you can have your baby at home (if everything goes well).
    Hubby and I dicided to have to baby at home. And after the whole night of sleeping Britt was born at 8.30 AM. I was really excited my little girls was born because the last few weeks of my pregnancy weren't so great.

    The nurse was just about to clean up the mess and get us a cup of coffee and guess what???..... no power!!!

    A little baby, the mess of the dleivery and no coffee after working really hard for a whole night.
    Hubby heard a lot of noise outside and wnet out see what was happening. There were a lot of people working on the power in our street and they told us that we had been informed about the lack of power for that day (a whole day!!).
    But when hubby told them that a baby doesn't care about and really needed her bottle (and we that we needed a lot of coffee) they arranged that we could have power using a michine they went out to get for us.
    To thank the guys hubby invited them over for coffee and cake.
    Imagine me being tired of everything and a house full of strange guys drinking coffee and having cake.
    We had a real good laugh about it, and we were very thankfull they got us power that day.

    Have a nice day,
    xoxo Karin

  186. HI

  187. congrats on all the hits.

    Well one of the funnist things that have happen latly was this- My 4 yr old son was staying with his Oma ( grandma ) and she wanted to keep his feet warm as he was playing, but he had sandals on and she want to put socks on as well. Well Liam put on a very steern look on his face and said " My Mother has talked to me about wearing socks with sandals" and NO socks and sandals were had by him.
    Yes I will admit sandals and socks are a no no in my house but I never thought I went on about it so much that my child had delveopled this as well.

  188. I really can't think of anything about me right now. Sorry.
    I have added your link on my blog in the sidebar! Here is my blog.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!
    Hugs, Andreja

  189. Congrats on your 200,000 hits!!I
    had very funny blind-date with a guy that is my husband and father of our 2 children today/
    I was very young,exteremlly nervous since it was my first blind-date.We lost our way and walked and walked looking for a restarant that moved from the place few monthes before.aroud midnight we both were so hungry but we couldn't find an open cafe so we bought sandwiches and ate them on the benches.

  190. Hi
    The most funniest thing in our live was the birth of our twin.
    I already was in the hospital and during the precnacy I said that it would be a boy and a girl. I even "knew' on wich side they should be. Everyone laughed about that, even my doctor.
    When the time was there in the first place there was my daughter (and I was right about that) The doctor, he came from Belgium!, didn't beleave it and we all were laughing about that. The next baby was our son. Again I was right about that.
    We all where laughing all that time because it was so funny all. I didn't had any pain or something lake that and was enjoying everything.
    I'll never forget that night.
    xx Anita

  191. Hey,

    First of all, you really make wonderful stuff:D Keep up the good job!!
    I must say that it was very difficult for me to say any funny and exciting story..

    But I can say that I always can laugh about my cats. One of them, Knorrie has it's own will and it is so funny to tease him sometimes as he is always meowing afterwards that he don't want to get teased anymore.. But hey they are teasing me too hehe:-P

    My other cat Beertje can be funny too and likes to play with paper and always crawl in my sweaters and such:)

    But last but not least I love them forever, spoken by their cat mama:)

    Hugs Mir

  192. I read your story about the snake and I too experienced something similar. My Mom lives three hours away so we often talk on the phone. One afternoon, I was talking on the phone with her in my kitchen when I saw something come from under my radiator. It was a snake!!!!! There are two things I don't do: snakes and mice!!! It scared me out of my wits. Needless to say I climbed onto the kitchen table and stayed there. I had dropped the phone.... I had to call my hubby to get some help cause there was no way I was going to get it out of the house. Me...touch a snake...are you kidding. When I did finally get Scott, his only comment to me was "I am at work...What do you want me to do?" Uhhhhhhhh maybe....come home from work and remove this snake. I ended up calling the neighbors and had the boys chase it through the house. Yes through the house.....By the time we got it, it had crawled across the entire 1st floor into my coat closet. We had a time finding it. It had wrapped itself around the house of my vacuum. We did finally get it but I sure hope that excitement never happens again.....

    I have many momentous occasions...let's see...when I was in my parent's house and I fell through the attic into my Uncle's suitcase. The day my cousin fell through a hole in our hay mow, 25 feet down (not such a good experience). I too have many things happen.

    Thanks for the chance to share and have a chance at your blog candy. You are such an inspiration to me. I subscribe to you and I don't always leave comments. I need to do better. Sorry....Congrats all the same!

  193. woow wonderful Candy!
    I love your Blog! Your cards are very nice!
    I hope I have luck!

    thanks, hugs Jane

  194. woow wonderful Candy!
    I love your Blog! Your cards are very nice!
    I hope I have luck!

    thanks, hugs Jane

  195. This comment has been removed by the author.

  196. Hi Suzanne! What a blast, so many hits in a short time! My most exciting/scary moment was when I stayed on Vanuatu Island with my friends. I put off my glasses to go to bed, but I saw some kind of a stain on the wall. Put back my glasses: it was a huge tarantula (?) spider. Hairy legs and all! I could not even scream, but I ran back to the living room and carefully closed the door. I slept on the couch. When I woke up in the morning: surprise: the spider had followed me simply by crossing the ceiling (not closed at all with the outsides of the house....)Yakk!
    I hope, by the way, that europeans can join in too, for your lovely blog candy. ANyway, greetings from Holland from Lucy

  197. OK....I will tell you a hilarious story and my sister would KILL me if she knew I was sharing this with you all but she does not blog so I know I am safe....this is about her....
    (First I am the youngest of 9 so I have many, many stories so I had to think about this one, but then this one came to goes).
    Some years ago when my sister used to work the midnight shift she and had this big dog that had gotten loose. Her husband was at work so she had to get up and go outside and get the dog to come back home. It had been raining a lot so it was all muddy out and since she usually slept with nothing on, she just slipped on a robe and tied it. She went out and called the dog over and getting mad because she was tired, the dog would not come, etc, etc...
    She finally got her hand on the dogs collar (she never left the side of their house)and was getting him out back to the fenced in area. Needless to say, with her holding the dog collar, her robe in the other and walking bent over, she slipped in the mud!!!! Down she went!!! Yep, on a little hill!! The robe opened up, she slid down, the dog got loose again and they she laid, in the mud, in all her glory!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!!! We call it the Great Bloomville Mudslide!! (And yes, we laugh about it to this day!!!!!)
    ....Sharon :)

  198. The most exciting day I have ever had was when I gave birth to my children & when I bought my first doggie.

  199. Trying this again
    I so love your cards Suzanne
    Ok funny story
    When my oldest son was 3 I had him sitting in a shopping cart and an elderly lady bent over in front of him and he smacked her on the hinney saying " hiya toots"- (something he had seen his daddy do to mommy many times)- that lady shot up and looked at me and said
    "well I never" and stompped off with her nose in the air - I just stood there shock at my son and then the funny hit me and I started laughing the lady hadn't quite made it around the corner and I put a hand to my mouth and she with her hands on her hips stood there glaring at me -
    Oh my - out of the mouth's of babes!
    God Bless

  200. It was the day i had my daughter... I was in labor but ignored it because who thought a first baby would come on the date she was due? I went to the salon I worked in to get my hair colored and my contractions kept gettin more intense. I called the doctor and told them my water broke and they told me to come right over and how soon could I be there? I told them about 30 more minutes because I was not going to get my hair colored and then trimmed becuase I was NOT meeting my first child with roots!( i am a hairdresser and have been one for 23 years!) I met my hubby at the docs and he was pacing and going NUTS! We FINALLY made it to the hospital and my Hair looked AMAZING!!! And my DaUGHTER was the most amazing thing about that day! It was funny how calm I was and how CRAZY my hubby was!!!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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