Thursday, June 25, 2009

My First Publication!!

Hi everyone! We're having a wonderful time down here in Hilton Head Island, SC! The weather has been perfect and we've hung out at the beach alot, done lots of bike riding & kayaking in the lagoons. Seems we have a couple pet alligators that float up to our dock/deck whenever we're out and we've named them Charlie & Big Bob, LOL! Riley's been doing alot of fishing but no luck yet--although him & James are going deep sea fishing on Monday! I've been watching what I eat (everything in moderation including some yummo desserts, hee hee) and working out with Jillian everyday too & running on the beach! I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you today & some news!!

My first publication project is now out in the PaperCrafts Magazine "Card Creations--Volume 7"--Wahoooooo! One of the editors talks about some of the projects (including mine) on her Moxie Fab blog right HERE and gives tips on how to get submitted too! I'm soooo excited & ran out yesterday to 2 different stores to find the magazine (since mine are sitting at home waiting for me I guess)!! The inside of my card is a fun pop-up but you'll have to buy the magazine to see or wait until I can publish it here on my blog :o) I can't tell you what a thrill it was to buy a magazine & know I was in it, hee hee--it's truly a dream come true for me & will be framed in a memory box in my craft room. See, dreams can come true.....

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See ya later!



  1. How wonderful to be published and be on the magazine blog. Way to go!

    How wonderful is that!!! I'm really happy for you!!

  3. I'm sooooo excited for you!! Congrats!!! Gotta hit the store and buy the mag.

    Elaine M

  4. What an exciting news. I am happy for you. Congratulations Suzanne!!

  5. Congratulations Suzanne! I just took a look at your card that was published and as always, it's just beautiful. Can't wait to see the inside of the card.


  6. Congratulations, I will go out and get the magazine. I am afraid of alligators are you having fun?

  7. Congratulations!! This is wonderful news.

  8. Congratulations Suzanne. What a wonderful feeling that must be.

  9. huge congrats suzanne, a wonderful achievement. way to go girl!!
    great pictures...your new pet looks a little scary!!!
    hugs rachxx

  10. Glad that you are having a great time. Alligators - that's scary for me at least :-) Sending you warm hugs (finally nice weather here) - Anki

  11. Big congrats on your pub!!! And so glad you're havin' a good time on vacation! Jillian must be doing a good job - you look so skinny!! :) I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail...

  12. Congrats and I'm so proud to be designing with you! Your vacation sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you and the family are having a great time! And you've inspired me - I'm picking up my Jillian book this afternoon! Enjoy the weekend!

    Big hugs to you,


  13. Congrats!!! You look fabulous!! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Have a ton of fun.

  14. Congrats, Suzanne. To get great news like that on vacation, how fabulous! Life is good!

  15. Hurrah..for you! I too have been published ..years is quite a thrill! :) Have a great vacation..the alligators are so cute..


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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