Friday, August 16, 2013

My Style!

 Their Style...2...My Style

I read a lot of books and magazines, no surprise as I've talked about it before.  I have a lot of magazine subscriptions...don't ask but in my husband's words "its ridiculous" LOL. BUT I read them all and I love Us Weekly, People, Glamour, InStyle and Marie Claire for my fashion fun reads.  I've always been interested in fashion, I like to dress nice but I don't want to spend a ton of money either. So sometimes you have to be creative and shop around.  I have two teens who eat a lot, stick their hands out for money a lot and college tuition coming soon so I try to save wherever I can.  Doesn't mean I don't like quality pieces and if I know I will wear it a lot I will invest more money in it....ex. jeans, boots, dresses.

So when I saw Reese Witherspoon's outfit in a magazine recently it spoke to me....totally my style and I had most of the pieces (jeans, shirt and necklace).  But I need a belt and shoes that color...I love it and red IS my fave color.  I also want a camel/brown purse this fall, its on my want list as I know it will go with everything and is always a classic.

courtesy of Us Weekly magazine



My jeans are from A&F because they fit me well and I like that they don't stretch out
and counts as FREE since I own them already :)

This shirt from NYC Limited Co is $49 but with a coupon you can get it for $30--
I have a navy shirt like Reese's from Express with short sleeves but I like the contrast of the white & navy polka dot shirt as an option too.

my necklace came from Nordstroms for about $50 a few years ago but this one from
Etsy is similar and only $28
This belt from Target is only $12


These shoes from Steven Mikka (at Zappos) on sale for $62


I {heart} this Coach purse which breaks the my bank at $398 BUT it can be used for many seasons.
I still use a classic black Coach satchel from 8 years ago...always elegant and looks great, just gotta take care of them!
Or this satchel which is $155 from Zappos which is a bit cheaper and still nice! 

and can't forget my nails...and I love this Essie color "Glamour Purse" for fall, a nice neutral.
 (I'm partial to Essie & Butter nail polishes...they stay on a long time and I'm brutal to nail polish LOL).

So total of my outfit is $104 for shoes, belt and polka-dot shirt since I own the other items.
But I'm sure you could find shoes cheaper than $60...I know these shoes are made well and if I hate them, Zappos ships them back for free...gotta love Zappos!
Not too bad and something I can wear a lot and switch around with other items in my closet.  The purse is a "want" item...doesn't mean I'll get it but it also means I will ask for it for my anniversary prezzie ;)
Ohhhhhh hubbbbyyyyyyy!!!!


  1. Very classy Suzanne and you will look so nice in this outfit with your slim figure. Me, way to fat but I do love each item on the list. My favorite color is red to.

  2. Well, aren't you just a smarty farty!! You definitely have style girl!

  3. Great look, Suzanne! I have a very strong feeling you'll get the purse!!;-)

  4. Very classic and timeless, the best kind of fashion. You can never go wrong with a Coach bag and that one is particularly wonderful. I have three Dooney & Bourke bags that I bought in better times and they still look brand new. Well, they told me one was too worn to refurbish (if they would just put those little feet on the bottom, they would not wear out), so as is their policy, if they cannot refurbish, they sell you the same bag for half price - and the guarantee lasts for as long as you own the bag. Will we see a photo of you in the outfit?

    1. Good quality lasts so I will put in the extra $$ and I have purses 10-15 years old that I still pull out and use. Trendy items I go way cheap on since I know I will only wear a handful of times :) Good to know that about Dooney. Hmmm a pic of myself...I don't like those much but we will see LOL

  5. Simple and Classy! I would do jean everyday if the workplace would allow it. And I agree with you and everyone a good leather purse is for a lifetime...if it's not abused. I have had 2 in the last 10 years or so. Leather over fabric always! Keep it classy Suzanne!!

  6. Leave it to you to pull this off! Love it when you can find a similar for less. I'm with you though on if I can manage it, like the handbag, I know with care, it will last forever!!! And, a classic bag is never out of style or season........

  7. Suzanne look for the purse at the coach outlet..

  8. cool outfit, I liek it too. looks so casual yet smart .


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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