Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yeppers I'm Back!!

Well Aloha all my wonderful friends and Happy May 2nd!  Yep I'm back home (sniff sniff) safe & sound, LOL!  One thing about visiting paradise---it is SUPER HARD to come back home that's for sure!  Every day in Maui was perfect--we had an absolutely unbelievable time and we will all remember this trip forever!  There is never a bad weather day in Maui--sunny & blue skies and 85 degrees each day, like a dream I tell ya!  The trip back however was not so nice, LOL---changing 4 time zones and two different flights including a red eye that arrived home at 6:55 am on Friday morning, blech!  I had the JOY of a 5 year old boy sitting behind me on the first flight back--he kicked, screamed & hollered for the whole 5.5 hours! OMGoodness I was ready to start crying myself---and here his mother is laughing at him and not doing a thing about it.  I cannot STAND it when parents allow their kids to be obnoxious at the expense of others KWIM.  Its okay if someone is crying because they are upset, tired or sick-as parents we all understand that, but when your kid is just throwing temper tantrums because he feels like it---NOT!  Second flight I'm all geared up to sleep for the 5 hour flight home, Alexa is beside me & James & Riley in front of us.  NO SLEEP FOR SUZANNE---no way Jose!  Between Riley bouncing in his seat the WHOLE DARN WAY like a nutzo (and yes he got a few head smacks from his momma, LOL) and a HUGE man behind me snoring so loudly I swear the airplane windows were shaking.  UGH!  What a disaster, LOL--BUT I did make it home in time to scoot the kids off to school (they wanted to so don't shake your head, they take after their momma, lol) and James went to work and I got to see the Royal Wedding "KISS" and all the highlights before I passed out on the couch for a bit.  I'm still trying to get my body on EST--we'll see as I want to go to bed at 4 am which is 11 pm Maui time, LOL.

I took sooooo many pictures (over 1200) that I have had quite a job going thru them all---so I will have a few slideshows this week to break it all up for ya, LOL!  You can see the earlier ones in the posts below.  This slideshow shows our shopping trip to Ka'anapali which is beautiful and on the west coast of Maui.  We did some "hurtin'" on some of the shops including a necklace for Alexa for her 15th birthday.  I got a white gold/diamond Plumeria necklace as well for my birthday from James--will share a pic later this week (yep my bday is tomorrow, ugh, another year older, sigh).  We also went ziplining near the Haleakala Crater (volcano) which was a BLAST.  I do NOT recommend it for those of you who are scared of heights though--it is a leap of faith, LOL.  We loved it and I do have some video of the kids but gotta figure out how to get it on here this week.  And lastly in this slideshow are pics of the Dean family at Surf School (thru Maui Wave Riders)--a dream of mine as well.  I was NOT so natural at surfing and my instructor told me I was a bit of a "challenge" and hard to figure out, LMBO---well then.  I always do everything so FAST and that is very detrimental in surfing but I did finally hang 10 a few times and it was fun if not exhausting.  Alexa was a natural and took to it like a pro---all those ballet & gymnastic lessons we paid for paying off, hee hee.  James' "slow nature" also served him well and he excelled as well.  Riley struggled a bit at first but then he got the hang of it and did well too (the photograper didn't get photos of him upright sadly though).  If you have never tried to surf or want to---it is so worth it.  I think I'll stick to boogie boarding myself but I had a blast and will remember it always!

Maui Slideshow #3 (you must come directly to my blog to see slideshows if you get this via email)

I don't have any projects to share today but I will have projects all this week to share with you.  I had to get thru a crate of mail, 7500+ emails and other fun chores like laundry and dog grooming before I was able to get in my studio and craft, LOL.  But I have some coming so check back tomorrow!  But I do have newsies for ya that you might want to check out!


-SCACD had a mini-release the other day featuring FAIRIES--and they are little beauties by Victoria Case for SCACD.  You can see these cuties HERE!  She also has the new Kraftin' Kimmie stamps in stock here!

-Copic Creations has a FAB new challenge HERE up for you to participate featuring Lily of the Valley stamps and "sky/clouds" as the challenge.  The DT samples are jaw-dropping amazing!

-I have a new class up for NC for my On the Road CMC Copic Classes---check the details out HERE!  I will also be posting the Chicago dates/locations and Ontario Canada dates next week! Stay tuned!

-Lots of new goodies at 7 Kids College Fund including stamps by Crafters Companion, Penny Black and High Hopes! Gotta check 'em all out!

And I'll leave you with a few of my fave pics for today :)

Ok--I'm off to craft--see you back here tomorrow!  I'll share our whale video with you tomorrow too :)


  1. Wowza...what fantastic photos!! I love your slideshow!!! Thanks for letting us take part of your family and your great trip in Hawaii.....oh I am dreaming....;)
    Martina from rainy Austria

  2. So glad to have my favorite "blogger" back, Welcome!!
    Happy you had such a great time, and love Alexa's whale tail,it's beautiful. Our favorite hotel was the Marriott in Ka'anapali, but actually all of them there were lovely back then...... Looks like the Dean family made terrific memories.

  3. Suzanne great pictures looks like you all had an amazing time ! I am so happy for sure have made me want to go to Maui now ! I think you should do a class there and I will be your helper LOL ! then we could all stay a week.

  4. So glad to see you made it home safe and sound and had such a WONDERFUL time!!! Bet you wanted to turn around and smack that 5 year old. I would have - like you, there's no excuse for ill mannered behavior or parents who encourage it. Love your pictures and I'm looking forward to more this week and videos, too. Hugs, Sharon :o)

  5. Awesome photos Suzanne! Glad that you and your family had such a great time! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  6. Sounds like you guys had a blast! What a wonderful trip. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUZANNE! Love the pix of your Maui vacation. Brings back memories although it's been almost 40 years since I've been there. So you're just a baby to me. ;) Looking forward to seeing the pix of your birthday present. I LOVE plumeria! Oh, the scent just invokes Hawaii to me.

  8. Suzanne-I was really starting to miss you and then I saw your post! Welcome back and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (21 forever, right?)!!! Your trip looks like it was a dream come true - the pics are FABULOUS. Hope you are catching up on your sleep! :)

  9. Loved looking at your pics, Suzanne! So glad that you & your beautiful family had such a wonderful time in Maui!
    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.
    Happy Huggies ~


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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